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Six fun summer reads for your kids

It’s holiday time again – kids have six long weeks off school that need to be filled with fun activities. Because there’s so much to do, it can sometimes be hard to motivate your kids to read during the summer months. To help with that, the Tidy Books team picked out a fun children’s book for each summer holiday week.

Want to make your child’s summer reading experience even better? With the Tidy Books Box, you can give your little ones their very own portable library. The original design displays books’ front covers and allows your child to see and pick out their favourite books by themselves. We at Tidy Books think that there’s nothing better than a long lazy summer day spent reading in the garden – just grab your Tidy Books Box and head out into the countryside. We hope that our list helps you find books that your kids will enjoy and would like to wish you a great summer!

“Peppa Pig: Summer Fun!” Sticker Activity Book (3-6 years)

Peppa Pig and her friends head out for summer activities such as funfairs, picnics and strolls on the beach. This book encourages your child to get crafty and paint, puzzle and glue with Peppa Pig.

“The Watermelon Seed” by Greg Pizzoli (3-5 years)

This award winning children’s books humorously talks about a familiar childhood worry: swallowing watermelon seeds. Greg Pizzoli’s protagonist, the funny crocodile, has wild speculations about what might happen to him after swallowing a watermelon seed – from turning pink to vines sprouting out of his ears. And of course, in the end, everything is well.

“Say Hello to the Jungle Animals!” by Ian Whybrow and Ed Eaves (2-4 years)

A baby elephant goes into the jungle to say hello to all his friends. The “Snap! Roar! Sssss!” noises in the book make children join in and get to know all the different jungle inhabitants. The colourful illustrations and rhyming text make this the perfect book for the daily vacation storytime.

“Deep in the Sahara” by Kelly Cunnane and Hoda Hadadi (4-8 years)

Lalla lives in Mauritania and badly wants to wear a malafa, a cloth that her mother and big sister use to cover their heads in public. Together with Lalla, children learn more about the reason Muslim women wear a malafa. Hoda Hadadi’s imaginative illustrations make this book a wonderful and fun lesson about a different culture.

“Wanda and the Alien Go Camping” by Sue Hendra (2-5 years)

Wanda and the Alien are looking for a place to go camping, but somehow can not find a place that is perfect for both of them. This books takes readers on a journey to space and distant planets – the perfect book to read on a camping trip!

“Oh, the places you’ll go!” by Theodore “Dr. Seuss” Geisel (age 4-8 years)

This famous children’s tale encourages kids to carry on even when there’s obstacles on the way – the perfect pick-me-up for the summer holiday slump. The rhymes make the book easy to read and understandable for beginners who are just learning to read.

Still looking for a way to carry a lot of books to read outside? Try the Tidy Books Box – It holds 40 children’s books of all shapes and sizes and you can bring it with you wherever you go. Enjoy the summer story time with your kids!

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