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What’s next on the list?

Christmas reading for kids

We’re dreaming of a less stressful Christmas!

What’s next on the list? The kids went back to school, the days shrunk and the Halloween costumes went back in the dressing-up box. 

It’s time to start thinking about Christmas and about Christmas books for kids!

Christmas time

Christmas can be a joyful thing, or a scary thing, or just another irritation. Let’s face it, It can be all those things at once, and often is. Time flows quickly for many of us this time of year and, sometimes, it goes by too quickly to be properly enjoyed.

The idea of Christmas can bring a lot of different images to mind. 

It can be a quaint scene of carefree family time in which your children and you get more of what you’ve been wanting all year time with each other. It can mean time away from the normal pressures of endless emails, meetings, school appointments and the rest. It can be a chance to take a pause, to be together and to savour life a little.

Because there’s another image of Christmas isn’t there? The rush to get the presents under the tree, the financial pressure, the jostling for time off, the worry, the arguing, the chaos, the tension.

More than stories – Christmas Books for Kids

It’s probably not going to shock many of you that we at Tidy Books are great believers in reading. The act of sitting down with your children and exploring a story together can create lasting memories, not only of the wisdom and fun you find, but also of the sense of closeness created.

We’ve shortlisted some beautiful stories you could share with your little ones this December. We hope that they might help you experience the kind of Christmas that’s right for you and your family.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

This title ticks a lot of boxes! First off, Dr Seuss books are always great fun to read and to listen to. This is an author that knows how to entertain his audience, whether they’re 5 or 55. Just as important though is the message the book carries. The Grinch could steal the presents under your tree, but he could not steal the time you’ve spent reading together. Although, I suppose he could steal your copy of the book – Santa forbid.

The Boy Who Slept Through Christmas

Not only is this a sweet and funny story, but it comes with over 20 original songs. It’s like Home Alone, the musical, but with added magic. It does touch on some difficult ideas but so gently that you’d barely notice, which is kind of perfect for kids. What’s not to like about Matt Lucas’ musical novel? 

Luna Loves Christmas

Christmas reading for kids is an opportunity for your children to process difficult ideas. Life goes on at Christmas and every family has their own set up. This book, written by Children’s Laureate Joseph Coelho, understands that. It’s a modern depiction of a beautiful Christmas that celebrates separated families and the power of giving.  And, if you enjoy this story, there are a whole series of Luna books to explore.

The Polar Express

There can be a magic to Christmas and this is captured in Chris Van Allsburg’s fantasy story “The Polar Express.” The story reminds any who have forgotten that the festive period can be a time of stillness and connection, not of stress and panic. It’s a fantastically relaxing and calming story, making it the perfect Christmas Eve bedtime read.

A Very Noisy Christmas

The Nativity story is the Christmas story. Many readers, no matter their religion or background, will have had the pleasure of watching their kids waving from a makeshift stage as they perform a retelling of the biblical story. “A Very Noisy Christmas” is a fresh retelling of the Nativity that encourages children to shout, sing and participate. 

The Christmasaurus

Looking for the perfect Christmas recipe? Well, this Christmas Eve, grab some sleigh bells, Santa, a smattering of singing elves, some reindeer (the flying kind) and the final secret ingredient, a magic dinosaur. Then let the silliness and adventure unfold in a world where the impossible is just around the corner.

Christmas books for kids - Book cover of The Christmas Pine, showing a large Christmas tree against a backdrop of a city landscape.

The Christmas Pine

You’ve heard of “The Gruffalo” but have you heard of “The Christmas Pine?” Julia Donaldson’s rhyming writing style fits in so well with Christmas. And, like all her books, they’re entertaining for kids and adults.

Finding the time to reflect

Christmas can be big, weird and complicated and stories are how people (of all ages) understand big, weird and complicated stuff. And, there are so many books out there that can help children to understand both Christmas and life in general, whilst also giving the whole family memories that will last lifetimes and span generations. So, whatever titles make their way onto your bookcase this December, we hope you find the time to enjoy them.

Merry Christmas and happy reading!

P.S. If you are lucky enough to have a little bit extra this Christmas, you could always give a gift to a vulnerable child.


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