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Welcome to Book Bingo. The school book group

Our school book group had their first meeting this week and got settled in, nice and comfy.  Read on to see what happened next….

6 and 7 year olds making their way through graded reading books can lose their love for stories. We’ve teamed up with Esher Church School who are helping to build children’s love for stories with a book group: Book Bingo.


Melanie Copus of Esher Church School writes:

Welcome to Book Bingo. Take off your shoes, relax, and enjoy the books…

I am a big fan of injecting fun and games into learning and school-related activities, that, plus the fact that it was a Friday afternoon, meant we really should have some play time! We began by talking about what we love to read, and where we love to read: under the sunshine, in the garden, on a big cosy chair, in bed… etc.. We then drew pictures of ourselves reading, put these in the magic hat, and picked them out one-by-one to guess who’s drawing it was and what they were depicting about their love for reading.
Following this, I spoke to the group to explain the rules:
They are given their own Book Bingo notebook to write weekly reviews and ratings in. They may borrow books from the Book Bingo library (thanks to Tidy-Books, we have a wonderful little portable library for our Club!), the school library, or take books from their own local library. Basically, wherever they like, as long as it’s a book they have chosen themselves!
When they come back each week we will chat about the books they have read and check their reviews; before choosing a new book. We will also have some fun and games around reading: story-telling and group story-writing are already on the cards! The children own the club, are invited to come up with the ideas, and we are there to ignite and facilitate their enjoyment in reading!
I can’t wait to hear their first reviews. Watch this space!”


We’ve teamed up with Esher Church School for their Book Bingo book group and the children will share their reviews on the blog over the next few weeks.  Watch out for some interesting books for kids recommendations!

The book group’s selection will be stored in a Tidy Books Box, giving the book group a special place for their choices.


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