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Polonius the Pit Pony Book Review by Parent Panel

Are you looking for a new book to read with your children this month? Read parents’ reviews for Polonius the Pit Pony by Richard O’Neill, Childs Play Books.
Our new series, kid’s books reviewed and recommended by our panel of parents is a great resource. Each month, our panel of three families will read and review a kid’s book from a leading publisher. So you can decide which kid’s book to buy next.

Read what our panel thought of Polonius the Pit Pony by Richard O’Neill, published by Child’s Play

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Tidy Books’ parent panel reviews Polonius the Pit Pony by Richard O’Neill, Child’s Play

“What a pleasure to read!  With lively text, lovingly drawn illustrations and engaging plot, both my boys were captivated.

My six year old enjoyed reading about the history of pit ponies and while we were reading the book he had lots of questions to ask. After the story, on the inside back cover, is a mini-history of the use of ponies in coal mines in Britain. My three year old has asked lots of questions about the horses and about the relationships and identities of and between the different characters.

I would strongly recommend Polonius the Pit Pony Book because it is a multi-layered, stereotype-challenging book about determination and courage and kindness. And it is just lovely to read and to think about, even long after you’ve come to the end of it.”    Amy, Isaac, age 5 and Cassius, age 3.

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Inside Polonius the Pit Pony

“The story of the little pony was easily accessible for my 5 year-old.   He needed some further explanation on negative behaviour (i.e. making fun of someone due to differences like the horses did to the pony) but then understood that the two horses were undermining the pony due to his size.

He did not really pick up on the traveller family’s storyline in the background as he took on the book for the sole purpose of following the adventure of a pony. So I’d say if the main purpose is to celebrate traveller values, this could be highlighted a little bit more openly for younger audience.

Overall, I can say that Polonius the Pit Pony Book is a pleasant read with a young child. It has captivating illustrations and the story is interesting.”  Sedo  and Korai Charlie, age 5

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Inside Polonius the Pit Pony. Illustrated by Feronia Parker Thomas

“We cheered when Polonius the Pony he got to be free and spend time outside. We particularly liked the names of the horses: Polonius  (gave an impression of a great hero from Roman times),  Thor  (another great hero) and Cushy (the soft one) 

We really enjoyed the happy ending that celebrated Polonius becoming a real hero.    It was a lovely way of opening a discussion about animals and how we treat them. 

 We ended up doing a lot of activities about animal grooming.   I think this book, Polonius the Pit Pony, is a great way of teaching children about coal mines and horses.”   Crina and Sebastian age 3 

Thank you to our panel of reviewers; Amy, Cassius and Isaac, Sedo and Korai Charlie, and Crina and Sebastian.   Thank you to Child’s Play International for supplying our panel with this great Polonius the Pit Pony Book  Review.

You can find Polonius the Pit Pony on sale on Child’s Play’s website to add to your child’s bookcase!

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