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How to organise your day with kids

Do you need a bit of help organising your family’s day? Now that school has started throughout the UK, it can sometimes be hard to organise a whole family and still manage to find time to do things for yourself. We have compiled the best tips on how to organise your day with kids.

You can make your children write their own to do list while you do yours as a family activity

You can make your children write their own to do list while you do yours as a family activity


Each evening, write a list of everything that has to be done the next day. Instead of writing a simple to do list, add the times that the things have to be done and make a “to buy” list, too. That way, you won’t forget any errands that you might have. Rate things on the list by their importance. You could leave the ones that are less important for the weekends or holidays. Lists of events that occur every week, such as football practice or music lessons, could be pinned up on the wall to make planning ahead easier for everyone.

Write it on the wall!

Don’t just make a list for yourself, but an additional one for the whole family. A whiteboard is the perfect thing to help everyone in the family remember what their tasks are for the day ahead. You could even make it a routine to ask everyone what’s happening the next day and write it up on the board. That way, you include your children in the planning and they are more likely to remember things that they are looking forward to. Talk to your kids about what’s in the schedule for the next day over dinner. You could make it a family decision to choose what to wipe off; maybe things accomplished or past events.

Colours and labeling

If you have more than one child, ask everyone to pick their favourite colour. You could then buy all their supplies such as a lunch bag, gym bag and folders in that colour to keep track of what belongs to whom. This is a great idea in theory but might not work in practice since kids might decide they prefer their siblings colour choice! An easier version of this is to just label everything. Make your own nametags if you’re crafty or simply buy the adhesive name tags used for school clothing.

This memory board helps you to organise the whole family.

The Tidy Books ForgetMeNot helps the whole family stay organised.

Create routines!

Doing simple things in the same order every day gets everyone into good habits.Things that need to be done every day should be done in the same order, for example get your kids to hang up their bags as soon as they come home. It also helps to reserve a certain time slot for homework, preferably before dinner so that your evening is free. Make it a routine for your kids to pack their bags in the evening. While they do so, you could prepare their lunch for the next day to avoid hectic mornings.

If you’re wondering where to keep the kids’ school bags so that they don’t forget them and need a place where you can put other things, too, the Tidy Books ForgetMeNot is perfect for you. It is an organiser and notice board for the whole family to make your mornings simpler. The ForgetMeNot has a lipped shelf to store your keys, hooks to hang up your children’s school bags and jackets and a magnetic whiteboard to hold letters and invitations and scribble down notes. It will make managing the family a whole lot easier!

We hope that our tips on how to organise your day help you and your family. We’d love to hear your tips on staying organised. Oh and don’t forget to schedule some me time to relax too!

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