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The Best Father’s Day Gift

In honour of Father’s Day, we asked one of our resident book reviewers and popular dad blogger, Ian Newbold, to tell us about the best Father’s Day gift he’d ever received.

Over the years, like many fathers, I’ve received some very, erm, interesting Father’s Day gifts.

Granted, us dads are not always easy to shop for, and I know it’s sometimes a real struggle to come up with great gift ideas for dads that either don’t cost the earth, or take monumental efforts to make or get hold of.

Children, especially the younger ones, are also often encouraged to make things at playgroups, nurseries and schools to gift to their dads on Father’s Day. Many of my own child’s efforts, despite not always been immediately distinguishable for what they are or were intended to be, are kept in one of the many keepsake boxes I have.

In all honesty whilst it is really nice to be appreciated, I’ve always felt that getting a gift on Father’s Day is a little unnecessary.

I’ve considered fatherhood to be a huge gift in itself. Ever since the day my boy was born it has felt nothing short of a privilege to be his dad.

Though I understand that sentiment is perhaps a little lost on a child, and I always appreciate the ‘stuff’ he’s got for me.

One of things that surprised me about parenthood was how much I enjoyed reading to my child, and just how much he enjoyed being read to.

P1000099 (2)

I have a reasonably vivid memory reading a book to my baby boy, Max, for the first time. He was only a few days old, still in the very floppy baby stage, and propping him on my lap, and also holding a book – a Mr Men one if I recall correctly – was no mean feat.

At that age I’m not sure how much benefit that had to him, but quickly and over the years, we both felt the benefits of sharing a book together.

We’d read at every bed time, all kinds of stuff, and pretty quickly from our Tidy Books bookcase as it happens. Max grew and his ability to read did too.

I feared it was only a matter of time before our shared bedtime reading sessions were going to end.

Max Reading

He’s now nearing ten years-old and really does enjoy reading. And it can now be a real struggle to get him to read aloud, so as to check on his reading progress, he’s getting a little ‘too old’ and more than a little ‘too good’ for that.

However, while the books have changed, from cute picture books, to books I’m not sure my son should be reading, we still read together every night.

And I still absolutely love it.

So I guess the greatest gift I’ll get this Father’s Day, is my son still letting me read to him.

That, and maybe a bag of sweets would be nice!

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97 thoughts on “The Best Father’s Day Gift

  1. Avatar Lesley says:

    My wee one’s favourite bedtime book is Dream Animals by Emily Martin – really lovely end of day reading with great artwork!

  2. Avatar Holly Edmundson says:

    Both of my daughters love Hungry caterpillar 🙂 x

  3. Avatar jully says:

    Fantastic. I love watching my husband reading to our girl. x

  4. Avatar alex bradley says:

    at the moment it’s the gingerbread man!

  5. Avatar rachael Cerexhe says:

    Anything with animals in so he can make the noises!

  6. Avatar julie swan says:

    My little 1s favourite bedtime story is ‘my grandad’ he goes on an adventure with his his grandson and shows him all the things he likes best.

  7. Avatar Marcia Pedro says:

    Our favourite bedtime story at the moment is Peter Rabbit.

  8. Avatar Marcia Pedro says:

    My son’s favourite bedtime story at the moment is a squash and a squeeze by Julia Donaldson.

  9. Avatar Evonne Hodgson says:

    Mine love ‘Guess how much I love you’

  10. Avatar Aideen O'Kane says:

    The tiger who came to tea

  11. Avatar Mel Daniels says:

    The Gruffalo

  12. Avatar TRACEY HUBER says:

    any dinosaur story!

  13. Avatar Sheena Taylor says:

    We’re going on a bear hunt!

  14. Avatar Katie Walters says:

    We’re going on a bear hunt

  15. Avatar Hazel Hulson says:

    Mine love tales about dragons and adventure stories

  16. Avatar sam thomlinson says:

    love and a hug

  17. Avatar claire rustage says:

    Any Julia Donaldson book, usually gruffalo or room on broom but we love them all.

  18. Avatar Shona Angus says:

    Mog the Forgetful Cat by Judith Kerr

  19. Avatar Lucy Bishop says:

    Where’s Spot by Eric Hill

  20. Avatar Lucy Bishop says:

    Where’s Spot? By Eric Hill

  21. Avatar Hannah Samuel says:

    Topsy and Tim books

  22. Avatar Pia Stephens says:

    Anything with cars or airplanes in it x

  23. Avatar lyndsay says:

    Sometimes I feel sunny by Gillian Shields is my twins’ total favourite. They’ve know it off by heart since they were about two and a half!

  24. Avatar kim neville says:

    Pip and Posy and the bedtime frog

  25. Avatar Kyomi Johnson says:


  26. Avatar Kirsten Murphy says:

    Where The Wild Things Are

  27. Avatar Ursula Hunt says:

    The Gruffalo

  28. Avatar Denise Taylor-Dennis says:

    Currently my son loves this book called Even Monsters.

  29. Avatar Emma hatfield says:

    Gotta be the gruffallo or I love my kitten 🙂

  30. Avatar Karen Mitchell says:

    Guess how much I love you is our all time favourite.

  31. Avatar Karen Mitchell says:

    Guess how much I love you is our all time favourite

  32. Avatar Joanna Vernon says:

    My son likes all the Julia Donaldson books

  33. Avatar lisa owen says:

    guess how much I love you and peek a boo

  34. Avatar Anitha Kuppuswamy says:

    The Gruffalo

  35. Avatar gillian burden says:

    two little kittens

  36. Avatar Susie Wilkinson says:

    Guess How Much I Love You

  37. Avatar Amy To says:

    What the LadyBird Heard by Julia Donaldson ^_^

  38. Avatar Lisa Sands says:

    We are reading Rapuzel at the moment! xx

  39. Avatar Paloma says:

    At the moment it’s Where The Wild Things Are

  40. Avatar Paul Anthony Gallagher says:

    Any story from the Bible with illustrations!

  41. Avatar Dan Kat says:

    At the moment it is Bing at bed time

  42. Avatar Jemma Steel says:

    Currently my sons is his disney Cars book and my daughters is the very hungry caterpillar.

  43. Avatar jennifer wexler says:

    goodnight moon

  44. Avatar Sally Collingwood says:

    Alexander loves The Gruffalo’s Child.

  45. Avatar Viv Allman-Neal says:

    spot…. they always loved the eric hill books… at bedtime….. i thought it made them more awake with all that finding spot… but they soon went to sleep… 🙂

  46. Avatar Lynne McEvoy says:

    Elmer the elephant

  47. Avatar becca staples says:

    The stick man x

  48. Avatar stuart hatton says:

    at the minute it’s Norman and his silly shell , he loves it

  49. Avatar Gemma Matthews says:

    His favourite story is we’re going on a bear hunt

  50. Avatar kath says:

    my grandson loves the gruffalo 🙂

  51. Avatar Abigail says:

    It changes all the time but right now we are on a Mo Wilems kick with the pigeon books.

  52. Avatar Sarah Turner says:

    Hugless Douglas

  53. Avatar mariella hoekstra says:

    at the moment it is Lego Star wars

  54. Avatar Alyson Cchapman says:

    The Mrs Pepperpot Books are a favourite in our home. I kept all my copies from my own childhood and now our little one loves them too!

  55. Avatar Diana cote says:

    My daughter loves her peppa pig books. :$

  56. Avatar laura morgans says:

    hungry caterpillar

  57. Avatar Tracy Nixon says:

    The Gruffalo is the current favourite!

  58. Avatar Josie Coltman says:

    Teddy Bears go shopping!

  59. Avatar kay panayi says:

    my kids love the jolly postman

  60. Avatar Amy Turnbull says:

    My son likes Guess How Much I Love You 🙂

  61. Avatar Kristi Brandon McDowell says:

    This is the House that Jack Built

  62. Avatar sharon says:

    The hungry caterpillar

  63. Avatar Caroline Howard says:

    My son has a few mainly any Thomas the Tank Engine stories or Wow said the Owl.

  64. Avatar Lorraine Crighton says:

    My sons are too old but my grand son loves the gruffolo and he keeps grandad happy by asking him to read it too!

  65. Avatar Robyn Logan Clarke says:

    Wibbly Pig has 10 balloons

  66. Avatar Caroline Mortimer says:

    The Tiger Who Came to Tea

  67. Avatar Joy Bardell says:

    Were going on a Bear Hunt.

  68. Avatar margaret rowley brown says:

    Hungry Caterpillar

  69. Avatar Janice Dean says:

    My grandson read different books every night, generally library books. Thanks

  70. Avatar Adele Baxter says:

    Although we read different books every night, Gracie’s favourite is probably a book called Winklet’s New Coat. It is her favourite because she knows it off by heart and can recite it word for word!

  71. Avatar Susie Whitmore says:

    the selfish crocodile or any story his big brother comes up with lol

  72. Avatar Karen Whittaker says:

    The Gruffalo

  73. Avatar Fiona Orr says:

    The hungry caterpillar. Xxx

  74. Avatar Caroline Porcupine says:

    Goldilocks and the Three Bears

  75. Avatar Allan Mortimer says:

    The three little pigs

  76. thats not my hamster. he loves touchy feely books!

  77. Avatar Hazel Whiteland says:

    Anything with Thomas the Tank Engine in!

  78. Avatar Jenny and William says:

    Without hesitation my son answered ‘Captain Flynn and the Pirate Dinosaurs’. He’s pirate and dinosaur mad so this book has everything!

  79. Avatar Michelle says:

    Would love this for my twins. Their daddy is definitely our hero 🙂

  80. Avatar SusanEmiy Jones says:

    The Elves and the Shoemaker

  81. Avatar Cassie says:

    The Gruffalo

  82. Avatar Elis VM says:

    The hungry caterpillar

  83. Avatar Debbie Grinstead says:

    Stick Man

  84. Avatar Hester McQueen says:

    Guess how much I love you

  85. Avatar Raquel says:

    «Little one´s bedtime»

  86. Avatar stacey hutchins says:

    my son favourite is fairy tales he loves jack and the beanstalk he think he is jack and he loves Cinderella and the gingerbread man being reading to him since he was in my tummy and read to him all the time he loves it same with my daughter too they both love books from a young age

  87. My kids love the gruffalo, zog and room on a broom

  88. Avatar Harley says:

    The stick man

  89. Avatar Kate says:

    Favourites are anything Thomas and the gruffalo!

  90. Avatar Leanne Monaghan says:

    All my 4 love read to tiger

  91. Avatar Sarah Bavington-Smith says:

    We love a bit of Dr Seuss in this house. At the moment it’s ‘The Sneetches and other stories’

  92. Avatar Jessica Webb says:

    Peace at Last ( a favourite of mine as a child too!)

  93. Avatar Rachel Craig says:

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

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