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Five great ideas for decorating your rented home

Paint the walls or lay wooden flooring? If you live in a rented home, it can be hard to decorate the place according to your own taste since the landlord might not want you to make major changes in the flat or house. But even if you don’t own the place, you can still make it feel like home! Get inspired with these great ideas for decorating your rented home.

1)  Customise your furniture Even if you’re not allowed to paint the walls, you can still add a splash of colour to your place by painting your furniture with a colourful lacquer. Coral and grey, purple and gold or turquoise and red make great colourways. To make unique pieces of furniture, paint the wood panels in a bright colour and add metallic knobs – you can buy these at antique stores or flea markets.

2)  Find your style You can easily change the appearance of a room by deciding on an overall decoration theme and sticking with it. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on decorative items – a few key pieces are all it takes to turn a room into a home. You could aim for a vintage style, beach house theme or an oriental interior design style. A themed room is especially great for children since there are so many options! How about a space room or an underwater themed one?

3)  Experiment with fabrics and patterns You can easily add a personal touch to your place with the use of patterns and different fabrics. Whether be it pillows, bed sheets, rugs or curtains – printed and structured fabrics are a great way to transform your place into a stylish spot.

4)  Display your belongings Store your things where you can see them and they’ll double as décor! Use open shelves and add some framed pictures and prints to your window sills. Books make great decoration, too. Pile them up on the floor or invest in some nice bookcases. If your rented home is on the small side, the Tidy Books bookcase is a great space saver for a child’s room. It fixes safely to the wall and takes up minimum space on the floor.

5)  Accessorise Colourful storage boxes, lamps and vases transform your home without much effort. Decorate the walls for a quick transformation. Use either removable wallpaper or wall stickers. Wall stickers are great for children’s rooms too. You can find a wide range of Kids Wall Stickers in the Tidy Books online shop, from alphabetical designs to animals, planes and space motifs. Need some more inspiration? Have a look at our pinterest board or head over to the Tidy Books online shop for great furniture for your children’s room. Have fun decorating your rented home!

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