Make reading a joy with the original Tidy Books Children’s Wooden Bookcase

Designed by a mum, this handmade wooden Bookcase makes choosing a book as easy as ABC. Choose alphabet or plain panels and build your child’s first library.

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Children will find it easy as ABC to choose a book from the Tidy Books original wooden bookcase, with its front facing book display and simple front panels. 

The bookcase holds up to 85 kids books in a compact, space saving display.   You can organise kids books of all shapes and sizes, as the shelves are designed to accommodate board books and picture books.

Tidy Books’ childrens wooden bookcases are made from sustainable wood and plywood, with no MDF.    Each bookcase is finished by hand, and our pioneering eco friendly water lacquer allows the beauty of natural wood to shine through.  Which means you’ll get a unique handmade bookcase for your child.