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Win! The extraordinary true tale of Zeraffa the Giraffe

WIN!! A wonderful addition to your children’s bookcase with Tidy Books book review and competition.  We have the stunning true story of Zeraffa Giraffa by Dianne Hofmeyr and Jane Ray to giveaway.

The story of Zeraffa the Giraffe reads like a fairy tale.  And is even more astonishing for being true!  Zeraffa was the first giraffe ever to arrive in France from Africa.  As she walked the 500 miles from the French port of Marseille to Paris, she caused a sensation in every town along the way, and everyone falls in love with her.

Zeraffa is a gift from the King of Egypt to the King of France, and Atir is the servant boy who becomes Zeraffa’s keeper on her journey down the Nile and on to France.  Once in Paris, he lives with her in a specially built house in the Jardin des Plantes, where he sleeps on a high platform to stay near to her face.

Everyone loves Zeraffa.  She is given a coat and shoes for the cold French winter, she inspires hair styles and fashion in the smart set in Paris, and people travel for miles just to come and see her.  All the while, Atir never leaves her side, and whispers in her ear about the hot winds and acacias in Africa.

Jane Ray’s illustrations are absolutely beautiful, giving the true story of Zeraffa a mythical feel.  Zeraffa is a lovely book to give as a gift.  The story will appeal to younger and older children, and adults will enjoy reading it too.

Zeraffa Giraffa by Dianne Hofmeyr and illustrated by Jane Ray is published by Frances Lincoln who kindly provided the review copies. It goes on sale 3rd April 2014 in the UK.


It’s easy to enter! To win a copy, just leave a comment telling us what is your little ones favourite animal and like the Tidy Books Facebook page on our app below.  If you’d like to have a greater chance of winning, earn extra entries by using the app by joining our Newsletter, following us on Pinterest, Tweeting about the giveaway and other extra entry options.  Good Luck!  

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81 thoughts on “Win! The extraordinary true tale of Zeraffa the Giraffe

  1. Avatar Tracy Nixon says:

    My youngest daughter loves giraffes so a perfect prize for her!

  2. Avatar Carolin says:

    Cat 🙂

  3. Avatar Rachel Gilbey says:

    Bunny Rabbit

  4. Avatar kay panayi says:

    red pandas

  5. Avatar Zoe Coen says:

    A monkey

  6. Avatar Spencer Broadley says:

    My youngest likes dogs, my eldest cats !!!! I like cheetahs actually

  7. Avatar Kim Neville says:

    Lion is my son’s favourite

  8. Avatar Spencer Broadley says:

    My youngest son likes dogs – especially when they bigger than him !!!!
    My eldest is cats though – sibling rivalry?????

  9. Avatar Karen Froud says:

    Would love to read this story to my grandchildren

  10. Avatar Lynn heath says:

    My kids love zebras

  11. Avatar Katie Walters says:


  12. Avatar Anthony Harrington says:

    He loves Giraffes and elephants!

  13. Avatar mariella berry says:


  14. Avatar james bruce says:

    my grandson jack-james adores giraffes !! when we go to colchester zoo the giraffes are first and last port of call,would love to read this to him .

  15. Avatar Linda Streater says:

    My 2 year old Granddaughter likes pigs at the moment 😀

  16. Avatar Carol L says:

    My grandson’s favorite animal this month is a Koala Bear. And my older grandsons is a Lion.
    Carol L

  17. Avatar Susan Alison says:


  18. Avatar Elaine Savage says:


  19. Avatar JulyaZ says:


  20. Avatar Susie Wilkinson says:

    Horses, horses, horses – one expensive hobby!

  21. Avatar nicola james says:


  22. Avatar Mia Dentice Carey says:

    My son’s favorite animals are the giraffes & monkeys

  23. Avatar Kristie says:

    Horses 🙂

  24. Avatar Lisa Johnstone says:

    My two year would say dinosaurs! But as they’re not alive he’s changed from a monkey to a “baby sheep mummy, had one on my lap!” (We fed baby lambs at the farm last week)

  25. Avatar Tracy Sinclair says:

    Giraffe’s are her favourite x

  26. Avatar Colleen Maurina says:

    We go to the zoo frequently and he loves the polar bears, elephants and giraffes with their purple tongues!

  27. Avatar Julie N Chris Easby says:

    My Little Girl Has a Thing For Cats .. Be it your normal every day domestic Cat to Lions , Tigers & Panthers she simply adores them .. We are going to see about adopting a Lion at the Zoo nearest to us 🙂 .. Think be a fab gift for her

  28. Avatar malki b says:


  29. Avatar Will Tunnicliffe says:

    Mine loves Hippos.

  30. Monkeys – I call him Alexander Monkey Pants!!

  31. Avatar Michelle Clark says:

    At the moment Zebra but it does change regularly :p x

  32. Avatar Anna says:

    My kids all love cats

  33. Avatar Joyce Butler says:

    She loves all animals but especially pigs!

  34. Avatar Gemma says:

    My lil boy loves monkeys. Think its because I call him my lil monkey!

  35. Avatar Kate Collins says:

    My son’s favourite animal is probably a lion at the moment…but he also loves cats, monkeys, dragons, dinosaurs…

  36. Avatar Caroline Howard says:

    My son loves tigers.

  37. Avatar Brenda Leon says:

    She is crazy about horses.

  38. Avatar Susan Sargent` says:

    Love all animals. Monkey’s are his favourite .

  39. Avatar Karolyn Holden says:

    My 3 year old Grandson Leo loves Giraffes and fed one at the zoo .He was very brave !

  40. Avatar Christine Lockley says:


  41. Avatar Gillian York says:

    grandchildren rabbits or guinea pigs

  42. Avatar Brooke Ritchie says:

    Roaring Lions 🙂

  43. Avatar shirley evans says:

    my two Granddaughters like giraffes and zebras

  44. Avatar Chas Gilbert says:

    My grandson likes his rabbit

  45. Avatar Paula Harvey says:

    My little boy loves Elephants! 😀

  46. Avatar Tina Sandell says:


  47. Avatar Tracey says:

    Elephants. He can’t wait to meet the baby elephant at Twycross Zoo!

  48. Avatar Peter Henry says:


  49. Avatar Jo Glasspool says:

    Ducks xx

  50. Avatar victoria thurgood says:

    my son likes pigs

  51. Avatar Maz Monkcom says:

    Dinosaurs (blame George Pig), horses (blame the Cloudbabies) and pigs (blame Peppa!)

  52. Avatar Audrey Naylor says:

    Pigs, I like pigs and dolphins for my grand children

  53. Avatar sam gray says:


  54. Avatar gill doyle says:

    zebras are the most loved at the moment.

  55. Avatar Hester McQueen says:


  56. Avatar Joanna vernon says:

    My son loves monkeys

  57. Avatar Hayley Todd says:

    My little girl absolutely adores Tigers x

  58. Avatar Kate Bryans says:

    her fave animal is a giraffe!

  59. Avatar sharon smith says:

    my daughter has always loved cats

  60. Avatar Marie Louise says:

    My wee man loves lions.

  61. Avatar Zsuzsa Nemeti says:

    My sons favourites are dogs and cats, but loves giraffes of course 🙂

  62. Avatar val gardiner says:

    My grandaughter loves all animals she comes across.

    1. Avatar Ursula Hunt says:

      My granddaughter loves cats

  63. Avatar Jully says:

    My girl loves giraffes 🙂 x

  64. Avatar Margaret Rowley says:

    Sophie Giraffe

  65. Avatar Georgina Jacobs says:

    Dinosaurs! x

  66. Avatar Kirsten Murphy says:

    Penguins and sheep

  67. Avatar Shona Angus says:

    Cat. We have one at home who adores! 🙂 xxx

  68. Avatar Sarah says:

    Fab comp love giraffes

  69. Avatar caroline Chalk says:


  70. Avatar Elisabeth Anne says:

    He loves monkeys

  71. Avatar elaine dale says:

    my 5 year old grandson looks monkeys because he’d like to be one…lol

  72. Avatar Kimberley Robinson says:

    They are into Elephants and Giraffes

  73. Avatar melanie stirling says:


  74. Avatar Keri Jones says:

    My son loves elephants and tigers at the minute 🙂

  75. Avatar Alexandra Byford-Scott says:


  76. Avatar Rachel B says:

    sheep 🙂

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