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WIN! Just published kids book ‘Abigail’ by Catherine Rayner

WIN! This charming book by an award winning author to fill up your children’s bookcase with Tidy Book’s book review and competition.

You can win a copy of ‘Abigail’ by Catherine Rayner, as part of Tidy Books’ partnership with Little Tiger Books’ reading campaign this summer; Reading Rocks. We will be giving away a Little Tiger picture book each week, for 5 weeks to help you get your little ones get the bookbug!

You can win a copy of Abigail by Catherine Rayner.  To enter, leave a comment at the end and tell us what your child enjoys counting.

abigail book

I hadn’t thought of it before, but Abigail is a perfect name for a giraffe- and Abigail loves to count and teaches her friends to count in a field of flowers.   But when you and your friends have been so busy counting that you haven’t noticed it getting dark, what do you do next?

If your child is at the stage when counting is a great way to pass the time, then Abigail is a perfect story for them.  Abigail tries to count the leaves on the tree, but Zebra is eating them – “‘crunch, munch, lunch.”   When Abigail tries to count Zebra’s stripes, Zebra just can’t stay still.  Once Abigail has enthused her friends about counting, the sky’s the limit!  And my five year old loved the surprise ending!

Catherine Rayner’s books are beautiful:  Her characters are gentle, with child-like innocence,  and her illustrations are rich with fabulous colours and texture that  make you want to stroke the pages.  Catherine Rayner has won numerous prizes including the Kate Greenaway CILIP Medal for ‘Augustus and his Smile’.  In an interview with book blogger; The Book Sniffer, Catherine tells us that she gets her inspiration for her characters from her pets.

See Catherine Rayner reading Abigail in this video.

Abigail  is published by Little Tiger Press who have kindly provided the review copy and a prize copy.

You can win a copy of Abigail by Catherine Rayner.  To enter, leave a comment at the end and tell us what your child enjoys counting.

Don’t forget you can win this print of Abigail in our competition!


Leave your answer in the comment box below.  So we can notify the winner please confirm on our Facebook page that you have entered.  This competition is open to the US and UK.  Please note that if you are a winner, the prize will not be dispatched until August (exact date tbc) due to publishing schedules.

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75 thoughts on “WIN! Just published kids book ‘Abigail’ by Catherine Rayner

  1. Avatar Natasha Gandy says:

    Sadie loves counting Smarties and then sorting them into colours and then counting them again as she eats them 🙂

  2. Avatar Betsy Brown says:

    I teach kindergarten and my children enjoy counting everything. Some come to me being able to count to 20, but most have not mastered one-to-one counting beyond five.

  3. My son Henry loves counting cars from our bay window. We would love to win this book xxx Massive fans of Giraffes

  4. Avatar Dawn Terry says:

    We love counting the animals at the farm.

  5. Avatar Jackie Green says:

    My Grandson Boyd is just learning he is 1, story time is his favourite, we count everything

  6. Avatar Christine Lockley says:

    My little one counted everything – cars, buses anything and everything caught his attention, now hes a little older he’s loving teaching his little nephews and niece how to count and they would all love this prize.

    Thanks for the chance to win x

  7. Avatar Margaret Fo says:

    What wonderful prizes. would love to win for my grandchildren to enjoy.

  8. Avatar Shirisha Prodduturi says:

    My daughter loves to count beads and berries before eating them.

  9. Avatar leah wall says:

    My daughter loves to count her food – I think it’s a delaying tactic when she doesn’t want to eat her veggies – but it’s a pretty clever one!

  10. Avatar Brendan says:

    My foster-son loves that he has a "big number" (more than both hands) of matchbox cars for the first time in his life. He also likes to count years old–he just turned seven, his little sister is four, and my wife and I are just old.

  11. Avatar Nancy Torres says:

    My 6 year old loves to count pennies, she empties out her piggie bank and takes out all the pennies

  12. Avatar Danka Bakic says:

    My little boy loves counting as he says he is a big boy now and hes 4 years old

  13. Avatar julie perry says:

    My Grandaughter loves counting my clothes pegs!! Amazing what keeps them happy 🙂

  14. Avatar julie perry says:

    My Grandaughter loves counting my clothes pegs!! Amazing what keeps children occupied 🙂

  15. Avatar chick taylor says:

    My son Freddie loves to count chocolate buttons! xx

  16. Avatar sheelagh says:

    We count how many pegs it takes to hang out the washing, how many stairs there are, how many blue cars we can see and best of all how many ducks there are when we go to feed them

  17. Avatar Cheryl V says:

    We love counting candy and cars, it depends what we are doing and where we are

  18. Avatar Lindsay Gemmill says:

    Contents of handbags and purses!

  19. Avatar Kristie says:

    They enjoy counting their snack crackers 🙂

  20. Avatar Caroline Mortimer says:

    My little one likes counting stones she brings home from walks!

  21. Avatar Allan Mortimer says:

    Little toys, books, sweets, stones, leaves… you name it!

  22. Avatar Rachel Webster says:

    I would love to win this for my beautiful daughter Abigail. She loves giraffes! She loves counting, well, everything, but really likes counting her pennies and her Redford! She often takes a register of her Redford and would love to read this book to them when she is playing school!

  23. Avatar Cheri Howard says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! We love to count raspberries since we are out picking them several times each week this time of year! 🙂

  24. Avatar suan watts says:

    stair steps

  25. Avatar Marcia Pedro says:

    My two year old is fascinated with bikes, every bike is a yellow bike. His little heart beats so fat and he gets to excited that’s it’s unbelievable.

  26. I’m a Kindergarten teacher and I have the kids count so many things to learn their numbers … the days of the month, pennies, steps to the gym, etc! I’d love to win this book for my classroom!!! When I moved from Massachusetts to Texas I had to leave so many of my books behind …. I need books!!!! 🙂

  27. Avatar kath thornton says:

    my granddaughter likes counting sheep before she goes to sleep on a sleepover at my home 🙂

  28. Avatar Christy Hawkes says:

    Wyatt likes to count books

  29. Avatar Caroline Burt says:

    My daughter loves counting and will count just about anything and everything she can lol

  30. Avatar RITU TEWARI says:

    My Daughter Loves Counting sultanas in her cereal. I would love to win this book for her.

  31. Avatar Keri Jones says:

    My son has a numbers jigsaw and loves counting the pieces as he puts it together. He also loves counting as he goes up & down the stairs.

  32. Avatar Bex Henderson says:

    My daughter,Skye, loves counting animals from being in books in to real life butterflies and farm animals. X

  33. Avatar DARLENE WETZEL says:

    My son love counting his fingers and toes.

  34. Avatar Rowena Griffiths says:

    Bees on the lavender! Yes, all walks take ages…..

  35. Avatar Amreen akhtar says:

    daughters only 11 months but we have just starting on our fingers and toes

  36. Our daughter likes to guess how many steps she’ll need to get to the tree/cross the bridge etc when we’re out walking. Then she counts to check 🙂

  37. Avatar Joanne Penketh says:

    My daughter Isobel 3 loves reading & likes counting how many mouthfuls she has to go till she’s finished her tea and can have a treat!!!

  38. Avatar Kirsten Barthy says:

    the 5 little ducks in the song

  39. Avatar Jemma Steel says:

    My son loves counting everything. But anything he is given has to be a 3 as that is his number!

  40. Avatar Vicki Harper-Ward says:

    My son is only little so he just likes counting full stop! We mainly count speckled frogs…on logs…but he still needs some practice!!

  41. Avatar Sam B. says:

    My son loves counting his toy cars as he lines them up in the sand outside!

  42. Avatar carole says:

    The stairs as she climbs them

  43. Avatar Joan E. says:

    My granddaughter named Abigail would love this book. It was named after her, right? She loves to count while pouring me a cup of "water" tea. She does this while she is taking a bath. Abigail the giraffe is almost as cute as my Abigail 🙂

  44. Avatar Fiona W says:

    My son loves counting all the light posts while we are driving!

  45. Avatar silviaz80 says:

    My son is too little to count yet, but sometimes he starts to move his fingers like he’s counting something 🙂

  46. Avatar judy parslow says:

    fingers and toes

  47. Avatar Ceri Sell says:

    My little boys likes counting his shoes! Foot one and foot two 😉

  48. Avatar Fiona Docwra says:

    Our daughter loves counting her pocket money!

  49. Avatar Pippa Saunders says:

    My daughter loves counting anything! but she is partial to counting shoes and ponies

  50. Avatar Maxine Francis says:

    My children love counting just about everything. They especially love counting things in the story books we have like the ten tadpoles and hungry caterpillar xx

  51. Avatar Rachel Eves says:

    My daughter loves to count shoes, hers, mine, daddy’s

  52. Avatar EMMA j WALTERS says:

    we love to count steps together everywhere we go 🙂

  53. Avatar Rui Pedro says:

    Bikes, my 2 year old loves motorbikes. He goes totally hyper at the sound of them.

  54. Avatar K Weaving says:

    Mu daughter is 2 and loves counting, she likes to count everything, from the freckles on my arm to the things in her beloved collection of books.

  55. Avatar Cindy Villalobos says:

    My daughter loves to count everything she sees. Eggs, cars, her toys.

  56. Avatar Audrey Griffis says:

    my son loves counting anything but really enjoys counting backwards 🙂 this sounds like a gread book thanks for the chance

  57. Avatar sam ransom says:

    my son who’s just turned two has just learn to count to three, so enjoys counting everything he see’s, its very sweet to listern to him as hes forgets to say 1 and says 2,3,2.

  58. Avatar sarah clegg says:

    my son loves counting cars and trains where we are out and how many of each colour he saw 🙂

  59. Avatar Julia MCElhone says:

    Our two enjoy counting stones on the beach and coins. Out and about its cracks in the pavements and stairs. we learnt how to count going down the stairs in our home.

  60. Avatar Marc Barnes says:

    My Nephew loves counting Cars

  61. Avatar Jane turner says:

    Our youngest loves telling people how many letters they have in their name. Everything in his life is associated with a number. He loves numbers.

  62. Avatar Amy says:

    My son loves to count… anything! But, he especially loves to count how many times he can catch the ball in a row.

  63. Avatar Kerry Brown says:

    my son will count everything 🙂 he loves to how many things we have grown in our garden

  64. Avatar Debbie says:

    Loves counting lego pieces….keeps him quiet for ages

  65. Avatar Sonia G says:

    My son loves counting everything and anything 🙂

  66. Avatar Deborah Fairclough says:

    I dont have any living children, but my daughter was called abigail so I was drawn to this book.! I would like to win it for my nephews. The oldest is 3 and loves counting, he will even count when stuck at traffic lights to see how long we have to wait 🙂

  67. Avatar Deborah Fairclough says:

    I have no living children. My daughter is called abigail so I was drawn to this book! I would love to win it for my nephews. The oldest is 3 and he loves counting, he will even count when stopped at traffic lights to see how long we have to wait! 🙂

  68. Avatar Tracy Blunier says:

    All of the children that I come in contact with love to count… whether it’s their fingers, toes, Matchbox cars, teeth, or whatever is handy, it will get counted!

  69. Avatar Anna says:

    My 2 year old loves to count steps as we climb up … or down!

  70. Avatar victoria wilkes says:

    My son loves counting his cars 🙂

  71. Avatar Carrie says:

    My little brother loves counting butterflies as they remind him of his nephew

  72. Avatar Marci says:

    My daughter enjoys counting out candies to share with her sister!

  73. Avatar Adele Baxter says:

    EVERYTHING at the moment lol I’d say crayons as one thing but she loves to count lots of things. She could count upto 12 before turning 2 couple weeks ago and now she’s upto 20 🙂 She sings it. Love her

  74. Avatar Jamie Romo says:

    My son enjoys counting his cars and their wheels. He collects a car from every place we visit and then counts that one too 🙂

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