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Win a new children’s book set!

WIN two wonderful additions to your children’s bookcase with this Tidy Book’s book review and competition post. You can win your child a pair of I Explore! books from Red Shed.  We have three pairs of books to giveaway!!!


The publisher Egmont, has just debuted its first titles from a new non-fiction imprint for children, Red Shed.

I Explore Under the Sea and I Explore Digging for Dinosaurs are from an engaging picture book series for preschoolers, they have a non-fiction twist, and are all about children enjoying exploring and learning about the world around them.

Author Dr Mike Goldsmith is a former Head of Acoustics at the National Physical Laboratory and is now a well decorated writer of children’s books, with more than 40 science books for children published in over 28 countries.

These tough board books are designed to engage preschoolers in an appealing format ideal for toddlers.  They are designed with children and parents in mind, items are clearly and simply labelled encouraging little ones to learn the terms and names for things, as well as stimulating discussion and learning in the world of science.

The books are colourfully illustrated by Kate Daubney, introducing science to little ones in a fun and gentle way.  As well as being enjoyable and fun every book is checked for accuracy by an independent expert.

Each book also contains a surprising gatefold, which really brings the books and scenes to life.  Children can fold out these sturdy sections to see dinosaur skeletons or see who lives where in the ocean.

The I Explore! books are written by Dr Mike Goldsmith, illustrated by Kate Daubney published by Red Shed and are £5.99 each in board book format.

And we have three pairs of I Explore Under the Sea and I Explore Digging for Dinosaurs to give away.

It’s easy to enter! To win a copy, tell us what your child’s favourite thing is to explore  by leaving a comment and liking the Tidy Books Facebook page on our app below.  If you’d like to have a greater chance of winning, earn extra entries by using the app by joining our Newsletter, following us on Pinterest or Tweeting about the giveaway and other extra entry options.

But before you give yourself a great chance of winning a copy of the book have a read of what we made of the I Explore! books.

I Explore Digging For Dinosaurs


All non-fiction books are boring, right?


From my experience of parenthood, children love learning about the world around them, and thus non-fiction books can be even more enjoyable than their ‘made-up’ counterparts.

These board books are brilliant for little ones.  They are sturdy, easily wiped clean from mucky little fingers, and the words are helpfully all in lowercase writing.

I used to struggle to find books written in lowercase when my son was a preschooler.  Often feeling like the bold UPPERCASE labelling of some children’s books wasn’t really helping him to learn them.  More so just SHOUTING words at him.

The topics in these first two books are great, dinosaurs and the sea.  Things that almost all children will find of interest and intrigue I suspect.

They flow very well, and are effectively asking gentle questions, so you feel like you are learning by yourself rather than being talked down to or lectured.


Helen is an Early Years Foundation Stage manager, with many years of experience and currently has the responsibility for the education of over 170 children aged 3 to 5.  She took a good look at the I Explore books from Red Shed, and this is what she thought.

“These books are brilliantly robust, perfect for children to turn the pages and improve their fine motor skills.”

“As well as the obvious science lesson opportunities these books present, they are also great for maths.  With the illustrations so clear, there are plenty of possibilities for children to learn to count things.  How many people are on the boat? How many fish can you count?”

“The labels all being in lowercase will help children learn, and to recognise words and names sooner.”

“The questions and clues to what is coming next, are brilliant prompts for engaging preschool and nursery children.”

“You can introduce children to positional language with these books too.  What is UNDER the sea? What is ON the boat?”

“I absolutely love the leads to the next page, an arm of a character appearing with a question for example.  Great for children to practise predicting things, who is it? What are they going to do?”

“The gatefold surprise endings are superb.  A great way for children to contrast how to fold pages, and so much for them to see and engage with.”


So that’s what we made of the I Explore! children’s books and we have three brand new pairs of the books to giveaway.

It’s easy to enter! To win a copy, tell us your what your child likes to explore in a comment and by liking the Tidy Books Facebook page on our app below.  If you’d like to have a greater chance of winning, earn extra entries by using the app by joining our Newsletter, following us on Pinterest, Tweeting about the giveaway and other extra entry options.  Good Luck!

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87 thoughts on “Win a new children’s book set!

  1. He loves going on snail hunts and exploring woodlands

  2. Avatar Patricia Whittaker says:

    The ponds near where we live

  3. Avatar Lorna Anderson says:

    My son loves to explore his grannys garden. He has loads of adventures and loves discovers new and exciting things.

  4. Avatar Anthony Harrington says:

    too little to do much exploring at the moment, but showing a great interest in different textures and sounds.

  5. Avatar Jane English says:

    We’ve just moved house so Jake is exploring the gardens, we’ve never had one before & now we have got a front & a back one he’s loving being able to play out & has helped digging, weeding & mowing.

  6. Avatar tamalyn roberts says:

    anything with buttons

  7. Avatar Joanna says:

    My youngest two love exploring a large cardboard box.

  8. Avatar nancy torres says:

    would love this book for my daughters easter basket

  9. My son agrd 6 loves metal detecting anywhere with his daddy in the excited hope he might find treasure!

  10. Avatar Michelle Coombes says:


  11. Avatar Victoria L says:

    The local park!

  12. Avatar Isobelle Forde says:

    The little girl I look after likes to explore the cutlery drawer and put pebbles in it that I’ve collected from the seaside, in neat piles!

  13. Avatar Fern Wheeler says:

    Fingers crossed x

  14. Avatar Susan Sargent says:

    Loves going to a local forestry park

  15. Avatar Laura Pyper says:

    the garden

  16. Avatar Diana Croos says:

    my little one loves exploring flowers and plants

  17. Avatar SHIRLEY BUCK says:

    He likes to explore the garden and then we make it fun to explore his bedroom where i have probably hidden a couple of books or puzzles for him to find it is real fun i can enjoy acting like a child with him.

  18. Avatar Kay panayi says:

    Getting dirty

  19. Avatar kelly edwards says:

    My 2 and half year old loves to explore anything in the garden from- worms, snails, plants, flowers and filling his little watering can. He is also dinosaur obsessed and would love a copy of the dinosaur book! xx

  20. Avatar Jessica says:

    The garden…. Usually looking for the Gruffalo!!

  21. Avatar lia burns says:

    the outdoors

  22. Avatar Spencer Broadley says:

    The woods near us

  23. Avatar Kim Neville says:

    Creepy crawlies in the garden. Not afraid and fascinated by them

  24. Avatar theresa cooke says:

    my son likes to explore our back garden and look for bugs and birds.

  25. Avatar maria molly taylor says:

    my daughter loves exploring my make-up drawer

  26. Avatar Katie Walters says:

    My son loves to explore his nannys big garden

  27. Avatar nicola james says:


  28. Avatar Jennifer Low says:

    My son loves exploring rock pools on the beach, and my jewellery box for treasure!

  29. Avatar shirley evans says:

    Favourite thing to explore is the park

  30. Avatar malki b says:

    we love to explore the park and the forest!

  31. Avatar Linda Streater says:

    When my Grandchildren stay over they love to explore in the woods

  32. Avatar martina mckenna says:

    loves to explore the local park and how things work

  33. Avatar Kat Lucas says:

    Backyard looking for frogs & bugs

  34. Avatar Hester McQueen says:

    The blankets when they have come out of the dryer!

  35. Avatar Andy W says:

    He loves rock climbing and has done since he was 2. His Mum blames me cos I took him rock climbing when he was 2. Naughty Daddy

  36. Avatar Lorraine Tinsley says:

    At the moment my 2 yr old daughter loves exploring the back garden. She keeps finding little flowers and smelling then, it’s so cute!

  37. Avatar Carol L says:

    My one grandson loves to explore the ground for leaves and pine cones while walking with Mom or Dad.I wish there was more of a chance to open the other entries because I don’t have FB.
    Carol L

  38. Avatar Amelia Pitt says:

    Anything dangerous or mucky!

  39. Avatar Brenda Leon says:

    He really likes the bugs, insects and frogs he finds in the backyard. I guess a typical young boy full of whys and whats.

  40. Avatar hazel haskayne says:

    the garden

  41. Avatar Claire Nelson says:

    My parents garden

  42. Avatar Chas Gilbert says:

    My grandsons like to explore everything

  43. Avatar Rachel says:

    My little girl loves exploring everything. She enjoys swimming and reading books the most 🙂

  44. Avatar sarah wells says:

    My Garden, since finding a worm while helping me weed, there are lots of little holes appearing in the garden. Which when I ask her about them, she say’s Oliver has done it (the cat). We have found slugs, snails, toads and even a newt.

  45. Avatar Josie Coltman says:

    Any where there are dinosaurs! He recently went to the Natural History Museum and loved it! 🙂

  46. Avatar Zsuzsa Nemeti says:

    My sons loves animals!!!

  47. Avatar Galina V says:

    Our garden is a big attraction at any time of the year. And when we go to Cornwall, we love exploring the rock pools

  48. Avatar Lynn heath says:

    My son likes to explore everything! A short walk to the shop can take ages as he stops to examine everything!!!!

  49. Avatar Jamie Linfield says:

    She loves to ply with her noisy books ad giggles all the time

  50. Avatar Karolyn Holden says:

    he loves going to our local Childrens farm ,especially when you can feed the lambs.

  51. Avatar Caroline Howard says:

    My son loves exploring anywhere outside

  52. Avatar Susie Wilkinson says:

    The beach, for shells, especially crab shells!

  53. Avatar Helen Atkins says:

    My little boy loves to explore the outside

  54. Avatar Vicki G says:

    The garden and what’s inside mummy’s handbag!

  55. Avatar Averil Lea says:

    The garden…..there is so much to find each day!

  56. Avatar Dorothee says:

    My daughter loves exploring little bugs in the garden!

  57. Avatar Dean Burfoot says:

    Walking his dinosaurs on my head whilst doing competitions! The world of a two year old. Love it.

  58. Avatar Ursula Hunt says:

    My granddaughter loves exploring in my button box and making patterns out of them

  59. Avatar laura morgans says:

    My parents garden, it is enormous

  60. Avatar Kat Fensom says:

    the kitchen cupboards

  61. Avatar Tracey says:

    The garden!

  62. Avatar Paula Harvey says:

    My little boy loves exploring the woods next to our caravan site!

  63. Avatar melanie stirling says:

    Up trees and in amongst the flowers.

  64. Avatar Sarah Sakimoto says:

    He loves exploring the stars and outer space.

  65. Avatar Angie Daly says:

    My 2 year old daughter is into just about everything, so it’s difficult to choose; but we’re members at the zoo and visit a lot, every time seeing something new. That’d probably have to be it.

  66. Avatar samantha scrimshaw says:

    climbing trees outside

  67. Avatar Tracy Nixon says:

    Our local beach and in the rock pools!

  68. Avatar Gina M says:

    At the moment my handbag!

  69. Avatar sheri anderson says:

    My grandson loves exploring in his own backyard, and mine and he loves going to the park! and zoo!

  70. Avatar Mel Daniels says:

    She likes to explore everything! Today it’s mainly been the back garden.

  71. Avatar Caroline Chalk says:

    the veg patch to see whats growing!

  72. Avatar fiona mccarthy says:

    we love water and being in the bath

  73. Avatar Wendi S says:

    My kids favorite place to explore is a creek in a park that we go to.

  74. Avatar Hazel Whiteland says:

    My little boy loves going to the park at the moment

  75. Avatar Sarah Creswell says:

    Anything to do with cars and how they work!

  76. Avatar Harley says:

    The garden

  77. Avatar Laura Nightingale says:

    My son loves to go exploring everywhere and anywhere, the more dirty the better.

  78. Avatar sharon wiliams says:

    Loves exploring along the beach collecting rocks and shells

  79. Avatar Debbie Grinstead says:

    The countryside

  80. Avatar kerryn Newton-Edwards says:


  81. Avatar Daniela James says:

    The garden, the holes in the ground – he loves it when he finds worms, bugs or slugs :-)))

  82. Avatar Jen Russon says:

    He likes to explore the garden!

  83. Avatar Sarah says:

    the garden, especially is drawn to mud!

  84. Avatar Cassie says:

    The garden at the moment in this warm weather! My daughter is finding her feet and her confidence to explore!

  85. Avatar a h says:

    my LO likes to explore my makeup drawer….

  86. Avatar Shona Angus says:

    The woods xxx

  87. Avatar Sally says:

    My girls like to explore the local park and look for Bog babies and bear caves.

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