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WIN a bundle of Childrens Books for National Library Week

To celebrate National Library Week in the US we are offering you the chance to win a bundle of books for you childrens’ bookcase and book box

National Library Week marks a weeks celebration in April, of libraries and librarians across America. Although this is a US based event it’s a great opportunity to promote the important role that libraries play in local communities, allowing easy access to books for both adults and children around the world!


It’s easy to enter! To win a copy, just leave a comment telling us which book had the greatest impact on your life and like the Tidy Books Facebook page on our app below.  If you’d like to have a greater chance of winning, earn extra entries by using the app by joining our Newsletter, following us on Pinterest, Tweeting about the giveaway and other extra entry options.

Good Luck!  

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Gèraldine Grandidier

About Gèraldine Grandidier

Geraldine is Tidy Books’ founder, designer and CEO, as well as mum to Adele and Emile. She started Tidy Books in her violin workshop because she couldn’t find a good bookcase for her kids. Now her Tidy Books bookcases and storage designs are encouraging independence and a love of reading in kids all over the world.

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28 thoughts on “WIN a bundle of Childrens Books for National Library Week

  1. Avatar Ursula Hunt says:

    A fine balance by Rohinto Mistry, I have read it several times since my twenties and find its themes of relationships uplifting and thoughtful

  2. Avatar kerryn Newton-Edwards says:


  3. Avatar Helen Davies says:

    The Color Purple by Alice Walker.

  4. Avatar melanie stirling says:

    I enjoy reading but I honestly can’t think of any book that has made an impact on my life.

  5. Avatar Wendi S says:

    I think the book that most impact on my life is A Tale of Two Cities.

  6. Avatar Hester McQueen says:

    My reading material was censored by my father but I was allowed to read books by G A Henty!, Dickens and Sir Walter Scott. I was caught reading the book about Elsa the lioness by Joy Adamson as it was deemed unsuitable. I love books and now have the privilege of reading to my grand-daughter.

  7. Avatar Trisha Ryan says:

    My nephew would love this prize – he’s a real bookworm! Fingers crossed to win for him. x

  8. Avatar Amy Bentley says:

    I’d have to say the Diary Of Anne Frank. I remember reading it in elementary school and it always stuck with me. Makes you realize how quickly life can change, to appreciate what you have, and shows the bad (Nazis) and good (those who helped them) in people.

  9. Avatar Angie Daly says:

    To Kill a Mockingbird changed my life. Amazing book

  10. Avatar sharon williams says:

    It was a book called sold

  11. Avatar Shona Angus says:

    The Great Gatsby – F Scott Fitzgerald. I wrote a piece of coursework on it for my A Levels and absolutely fell in love with it! 🙂

  12. Avatar Susan Alison says:

    the thorn birds

  13. Avatar emma cropper says:

    Romeo and Juliet

  14. Avatar Keri Jones says:

    Lord Of The Flies

  15. Avatar Vicki Bayliss says:

    Fantastic love to win

  16. Avatar val gardiner says:

    Remember reading The Secret Garden, A Town Like Alice,and The 39 Steps during my Secondary school yrs,each time a film is shown based on them I simply have to watch.

  17. Avatar Semone Edwards-Kania says:

    Rebecca, which is a truly amazing book.

  18. Avatar Daniela James says:

    I started reading at the age of 3 and since then I`ve read many, many books and evry single one of them made me who I am now!
    I hope my kids will like reading as much as I do!

  19. Avatar Melanie Addison says:

    I adored Tom Swayer & Huckleberry Finn

  20. Avatar Joanna vernon says:

    The bible

  21. Avatar pippa saunders says:

    Geisha of Gion was a real life changer for me not only did it spark my love for Japanese culture and history but taught me self control and how women can be strong silently

  22. Avatar kat says:

    reading “the gruffalo” when I worked in a nursery 12 years ago-acting it out, doing funny voices, made me realise how much I wanted a big family of my own, and now I do

  23. Avatar Robyn Logan Clarke says:

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, It inspired my creativity and definitely had an influence on my happy go lucky disposition

  24. Avatar Lorraine/Squeaky Mom says:

    HitchHiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, without a shadow of a doubt. Absolute written perfection.

  25. Avatar sam says:

    charlie and chocolate factory

  26. Avatar Zoe Coen says:

    To Kill a Mockingbird

  27. Avatar kate bryans says:

    The Bible

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