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Win a new children’s book!!! Gardening Labs for Kids by Renata Fossen Brown

WIN a wonderful addition to your children’s bookcase with this Tidy Book’s book review and competition post. You can win your child a copy of Gardening Labs For Kids by Renata Fossen Brown.  We have three copies of the book to giveaway!!!

Gardening Lab for Kids

With the spring in full swing in the UK, it’s a great time to get yourself and your children out and into the garden.

Exploring what’s new, what’s grown, and what you might like to change this year.

Gardening is a fabulous way for kids to actively learn about all sorts of aspects of the world: food, the seasons, insects, botany, patience, eating and cooking.

There’s nothing quite like getting your hands on things, and being the one looking after living organisms and creatures, particularly when there is an end game like a tasty harvest!

Gardening Labs for Kids is the perfect book for children of all ages and experiences, to be guided by adults, in the art of helping things grow.

Renata Fossen Brown takes your family through fun opportunities, with you all learning at every stage.  The 52 labs can be used as singular projects, or week-on-week to build up a year-long outdoor hands-on experience.

Published by Quarry Books, Gardening Labs for Kids is written by Renata Fossen Brown is out in April 2014 retailing for £16.99 in paperback.

It’s easy to enter! To win a copy, tell us what you’d like to grow in your garden by leaving a comment and liking the Tidy Books Facebook page on our app below.  If you’d like to have a greater chance of winning, earn extra entries by using the app by joining our Newsletter, following us on Pinterest or Tweeting about the giveaway and other extra entry options.

But before you give yourself a great chance of winning a copy of the book have a read of what we made of Gardening Labs for Kids.



I distinctly remember thinking it was a good idea to get my child interest in gardening, to learn about how things grow.  Growing our own fruits and vegetables seemed like a fabulous idea to teach my son all sorts of lessons.  So when he was around 2 years-old we started our own vegetable patch.

We didn’t have a clue, the fact that he probably had more than me, is a rather embarrassing admission.  But we enjoyed getting messy, planting, and ultimately harvesting various things. We would have had even more fun if we’d had a copy of Gardening Labs for Kids.

Gardening Labs for Kids is full of great ideas for activities in your garden.  They stretch from making a rain gauge, to making a garden in your shoe and setting up a new abode for your local toads!


I am particularly interested in having a go at making a ‘Pollinator Palace’.  Our apple trees have had mixed success over the last few years, and perhaps having a palace would help.

The 52 tasks are laid out very neatly.  There’s a short list of the items you’ll need, some figures of the stages you’ll go through, as well as short and simple instructions, as well as further ideas for expansion and exploration.

They really are not overly complicated, and break things down that I really wouldn’t know where to start with otherwise, in to very easy and manageable steps.

And while the emphasis may be on growing things, as you would expect, the book also has sections covering garden art and enjoying your garden.

I’m sure we’ll become a little more green fingered because of Gardening Labs for Kids!



So that’s what we made of Gardening Labs for Kids and we have three brand new copies of the book to giveaway.

It’s easy to enter! To win a copy, tell us your what you would like to grow in your garden in a comment and by liking the Tidy Books Facebook page on our app below.  If you’d like to have a greater chance of winning, earn extra entries by using the app by joining our Newsletter, following us on Pinterest, Tweeting about the giveaway and other extra entry options.  Good Luck!

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67 thoughts on “Win a new children’s book!!! Gardening Labs for Kids by Renata Fossen Brown

  1. Avatar Mel Daniels says:

    Edible things like strawberries!

  2. Avatar Paul Smith says:


  3. Avatar joanna vernon says:

    My son would live this

  4. Avatar Daniela James says:


  5. Avatar Debbie Grinstead says:

    Vegetables that my family would eat…everything tastes better when its home grown

  6. Avatar Alexandra Byford-Scott says:

    Asparagus…but I’ve heard it takes a few years to get going 🙁 We are currently growing carrots, raspberries & tomato’s & are hoping to grow courgettes, french beans, cucumbers & strawberries.

    1. Avatar Spencer Broadley says:

      Asparagus takes 3 years before you can get a crop, if I remember correctly. It is asparagus season now, so good luck for 3 years time !!!! 🙂

  7. Avatar Chris Stand says:

    We are growing letuce and strawberries

  8. Avatar caroline chalk says:

    Peas…we all love them!

  9. Avatar Gina M says:


  10. Avatar mariella berry says:

    I would grow tulips and tomatoes

  11. Avatar Susan Alison says:


  12. Avatar Shirley Giles says:

    I would like to plant more herbs great for cooking and educating the little ones

  13. Avatar sharon smith says:

    all sorts of veg

  14. Avatar Margaret Brown Rowley says:

    Sunflowers – biggest impact for kids

  15. Avatar zoe matthewman says:

    We would love to grow our own vegetable patch so we can grow and eat our own vegetables

  16. Avatar Lorraine Ewing says:

    What a great way to encourage children to become interested in the garden, what’s growing there, and build their confidence and enthusiasm to grow their own plants and flowers !!!

  17. Avatar Jackie Chapman says:

    I’d love to grow pumpkins. I think they would be a fun thing to grow, something the kids would be interested in as they would get to carve them.

  18. Avatar kim neville says:

    Carrots, cucumbers, lettuce and tomatos to start with

  19. Avatar Ursula Hunt says:

    Peas, I love them fresh from the pod

  20. Avatar Jemma Hansen says:

    At the moment just have natives, vegetable and herb garden and so I would like to grow some bright flowering plants for some colour

  21. Avatar Hester McQueen says:

    Herbs! Hoping to reclaim the garden this year.

  22. Avatar Maxine Goodfellow says:

    We are growing sweeties, tomatoes, strawberries, rhubarb in the garden
    I would love to grow a very fast growing tree so we can make a tree house!

  23. Avatar Lyn Bosomworth says:

    Fab book to get your little people out in the garden (along with the garden gnomes!!)

  24. Avatar tracey huber says:

    tasty vegetables

  25. Avatar Tracy Nixon says:

    Organic vegetables and bluebells!

  26. Avatar Nicole Isaacson says:

    Tomatoes are my favorite fresh from the garden.

  27. Avatar cathy cockburn says:

    I would love to grow unusual herbs and peas

  28. Avatar casey r says:

    berries of all kinds!

  29. Avatar clair downham says:

    some herbs like mint and parsley

  30. Avatar Tracey says:

    I’d grow some tomatoes, or at least try to!

  31. Avatar Anne Perry says:

    we are growing kale and spinach. I would love to start some strawberry plants.

  32. Avatar Kay panayi says:

    Strawberries or carrots

  33. Avatar Ashleigh Allan says:

    Tomatoes – they taste great 🙂

  34. Avatar Josie Coltman says:

    Some edible fruit and vegetables.

  35. Avatar Spencer Broadley says:

    Strawberries, tomatoes and herbs are all growing – all nice and easy, and all can be enjoyed to eat after. My sons love to eat what they have grown, so we are going to put some peas and runner beans in as well this weekend

  36. Avatar marion king says:


  37. Avatar Katie Walters says:


  38. Avatar gill colling says:


  39. Avatar Rachel Gilbey says:

    I would love to grow a Money tree in my garden!

  40. Avatar Mrs JENNY MILLER says:

    Colourful flowers.

  41. Avatar melanie stirling says:

    strawberries and raspberries.

  42. Avatar gina says:

    Veggies. Peas, tomatoes, bell peppers

  43. Avatar Caroline Howard says:

    Chillies all kinds and lots of herbs

  44. Avatar emily says:

    Strawberries – they look so pretty and taste great

  45. Avatar Karolyn Holden says:


  46. Avatar Gloria W. says:

    I would like to grow some herbs to help teach healthy eating for the students

  47. Avatar Audrey Naylor says:

    I would like lots of sweet smelling flowers in a wild garden at the back end of the garden to attract the bees. Then I would like to grow some salad foodstuffs like lettuce, cherry tomatos, cress, and then something like peas cabbage and potatos.
    Then I would like some lavender heather and other colours for the front of the garden.

  48. Avatar Sarah Creswell says:

    Strawberries – we can’t get enough of them in our house!

  49. Avatar laura jones says:

    sweet peas im determined to try to grow them this year

  50. Avatar Melanie McNair says:

    I’d love to grow vegetables

  51. Avatar jasmin holland says:

    We are already growing radishes, tomatoes, sweet peppers, courgettes, strawberries, blackberries and my girls planted some seeds a while ago that are coming through that we cannot remember what they were! We’d love to grow some pumpkins this year too 🙂

  52. Avatar cherie shaw says:

    Carrots, tomatoes, lettuce.

  53. Avatar Alexis Pettie says:

    I’d like to plant a couple of those mini apple and plum mini trees and some berries

  54. Avatar Laura Tonks says:

    I would love to grow strawberries, carrots, peas and potatos, all our family faves xxx

  55. Avatar gill doyle says:

    Easy things!! courgettes, radishes, lettuce, strawberries… Great fun to be had with the children.

  56. Avatar Hazel Collins says:

    Lots of fruits and herbs

  57. Avatar Kristie says:

    I’d like to try growing melon sometime 🙂

  58. Avatar Sandra Lane says:

    Some nice herbs like chives or basil

  59. Avatar Shelley says:

    Anything. I’m definitely not green fingered so any help would be most appreciated!!!!!

  60. Avatar Catherine Garland says:


  61. Avatar Keri Jones says:

    I would love to grow a really, really big sunflower 🙂

  62. Avatar Iain says:

    I’s like to teach my 2 boys (4 and 6) how to and look after plants and fruit such as strawberry and pepper, carrots and potatoes 🙂

  63. Avatar Natalie Crossan says:

    Strawberries 😀

  64. Avatar samantha scrimshaw says:

    I would love to grow a herb garden x

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