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Win! Funny kids book Bear’s Big Bottom by Steve Smallman

WIN! This sweetly funny story to fill up your children’s bookcase with Tidy Book’s book review and competition.

You can win a copy of Bear‘s Big Bottom!’ by Steve Smallman, as part of Tidy Books’ partnership with Little Tiger Books’ reading campaign this summer; Reading Rocks. We will be giving away a Little Tiger picture book each week, for 5 weeks to help you get your little ones get the bookbug!

You can win a copy of Bear’s Big Bottom by Steve Smallman and Emma Yartlett.  To enter, leave a comment at the end and tell us which book character your child would invite to their birthday party!

bottom bear

A kid’s book involving bottoms is a guaranteed rib-tickler, and Bear’s Big Bottom is no exception.  Bear is sweet, neat of feet and loved by his friends.  His only problem is that his bottom is not just big, it’s enormous!  His friends don’t mind though, until the day comes when Bear’s big bottom ruins Squirrel’s birthday party – flattening the presents and the cake!  Poor old bear runs away feeling miserable until the fox appears and wants to eat his friends for tea.  Bear’s bottom saves the day in a rather anti-hero way!

Steve Smallman’s ryhming text is perfect to read aloud and brings alive the comedy of bear and his pear-shaped behind.  The illustrations have lots of lovely details to pick out; I could empathise with bear running off to hide with a pot of jam to eat!  The five year old really enjoyed Bear’s Big Bottom, and loved the monster that Bear created.

You can see Steve Smallman reading Bear’s Big Bottom here

Bear’s Big Bottom is published by Little Tiger Press who have kindly provided the review copy and a prize copy.

You can win a copy of Bear’s Big Bottom by Steve Smallman and Emma Yartlett.  To enter, leave a comment at the end and tell us which book character your child would invite to their birthday party!

Leave your answer in the comment box below.  So we can notify the winner please confirm on our Facebook page that you have entered.  This competition is open to the US and UK.  Please note that if you are a winner, the prize will not be dispatched until August (exact date tbc) due to publishing schedules.

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154 thoughts on “Win! Funny kids book Bear’s Big Bottom by Steve Smallman

  1. Avatar adeela hussain says:

    my daughter loves matilda and would invite her to a ‘birthday read’ lol

  2. Avatar Lynn Adams says:

    my youngest would invite Hugless Douglas – he loves to give hugs and Douglas never seems to have enough

  3. Avatar mariella hoekstra says:

    the gruffalo. …my son loves him

  4. Avatar Hannah says:

    We love to invite Spot to a birthday party, he would be great at hide and seek.

  5. Avatar EMMA WALTERS says:

    my son wants to bring kipper the dog 🙂

  6. Avatar Jean Vaughan says:

    Mario is the hero of the day and would invite him to his Mario themed party.

  7. Avatar tina iacurci says:

    the lovely bear of course 🙂

  8. Avatar Vicky Edwards says:

    My son loves Spot the dog so we would invite him so he could play

  9. Avatar MJ Coward says:

    We would love for hedgehog because we have never seen a ‘real’ one.

  10. Avatar emma speers says:

    Probably the bear from I’m going on a bear hunt! Then we could go out into the woods and let him chase us and go on a real bear hunt of our own. What could be more exciting on your birthday? My daughter had an Alice in Wonderland themed party and all the characters came (wee delegated adults to wear different costumes). Was so much fun!

  11. Avatar Rebecca m Morgan says:

    It would be the cat in the hat for sure!

  12. Avatar Stephanie Cheung-Tsang says:

    My daughter would invite Hello Kitty to her party.

  13. Avatar Mel Daniels says:

    Winnie the Pooh as he is her current favourite and she would love to give him lots of cuddles 🙂

  14. Avatar Sarah says:

    It would have to be the gruffalo we all love him

  15. Avatar katie walters says:

    jack from jack and the beanstalk

  16. Avatar stacy gibson says:

    My daughter whos 2 would love peppa pig. She loves animals at the minute and peppa pig is her favourite. She crys every time we finish the books so I have to start again!

  17. Avatar Sarah Bull says:

    Where’s Wally- although you’d have to find him first!

  18. Avatar Harley says:

    We’d invited the topsy and tim so they could tell us all about their adventures x

  19. Avatar Silvia Zimbone says:

    My son would invite Iggle piggle!

  20. Avatar Michelle Bennett says:

    My son would invite peppa pig gor lots of fun and muddy puddle jumping!

  21. Avatar Liz G Smith says:

    Most definitely peppa pig and her family!

  22. Avatar Andrea McCullough says:

    My son would invite the gruffalo to lunch 🙂

  23. Avatar Andrea McCullough says:


  24. Avatar Florence says:

    My Granddaugther would invite Johhny Lion

  25. Avatar Florence says:


  26. Avatar Elizabeth Rushton says:

    My LO loves room on the broom and I think she’d invite the witch to tea. I’m sure she’d ask for a ride on her broom too. Xxx

  27. Avatar Laura Davies says:

    My boys would like to invite Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so that they could treat him to lots of chocolate cake!

  28. Avatar Claire Butler says:

    Spot hes always love so i think he like to be mischievous with him

  29. Avatar YvonneJ says:

    Winnie the Pooh and all of the characters from the 100 Acre Woods.

  30. Avatar Jodie Carter says:

    My son would absolutely love to invite Harry Potter lol and My daughter loves to dance and would invite Angelina Ballerina!

  31. Avatar Beth Karen says:

    My daughter would invite Piglet, the cutest little character ever! and Pink too 😉

  32. Avatar Debbie G says:

    It would have to be Iggle Piggle for my boy.

  33. Avatar Hayley Todd says:

    My little girl would love Nutbrown Hare from the Guess How Much I Love You book x

  34. Avatar Shiloh says:

    What a cute book! My daughter loved Hedgehog the best! She wants to invite them all to tea. Her favorite character that would also need to tag along is Llama Llama 🙂

  35. Avatar hannah welsh says:

    Tigga because he would bring the bounce to the party!

  36. Avatar Lexy Law says:

    The hungry caterpillar, so he can eat all my wee girls veg she hates it 🙂

  37. Avatar Yaz Newman says:

    Great book, my son would love it! 🙂 My son would invite Harry from The Harry and his bucketful of dinosaur books. 🙂

  38. Avatar Sue Jackson says:

    Mr Stink!

  39. Avatar Victoria Russell says:

    My son Isaac who is 3 would invite Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends as Isaac is completely obsessed with Thomas. I think Isaac would love this book though because it is funny and he would love bear’s big bottom. 🙂

  40. Avatar Vanessa Crowley says:

    the gruffalo

  41. Avatar Leanne Barei says:

    My boys would invite
    The Twits
    Wibbly Pig

  42. Avatar Kat e says:

    She would invite Curious George!

  43. Avatar JoBeth says:

    Gavin said he wanted the Little Choo Choo that Could I think I can I think I can lol

  44. Avatar Lynsey Buchanan says:

    My daughter would invite The Little Princess she loves those books x

  45. Avatar Caroline Mortimer says:

    My little one would invite Hello Kitty – she loves her, has the books, cuddlies, bedding, everything!!!

  46. Avatar zoey deacon says:

    my daughter would invite peppa pig x

  47. Avatar Chris Jonesy Jones says:

    My daughter would invite Little Red Riding Hood, she obsessed with the girl, always running around the house dressed as her, her face would be a picture if a real red riding hood turned up to play with.

  48. Avatar victoria wilkes says:

    The gruffalo or the hungry caterpillar :p

  49. Avatar Joanne Ward says:

    Its my daughters birthday next week and she would live the Gruffalo to come…im sure she would change her mind if he turned up lol.

  50. Avatar Devon F says:

    My daughter would love to have bear at her party! 🙂

  51. Avatar Monica Forbes says:

    the Gruffalo

  52. Avatar Devon F says:

    My daughter would love to have Bear & his big bottom at her party! 😉

  53. Avatar Jenny & William says:

    Definitely the Gruffalo – we are having a Gruffalo themed fancy dress party this year!

  54. Avatar Brie Hernandez says:

    My son would love to have all the cubby buddies at his party from the book Cubbie Buddies. My daughter would love to have the hippos from the Sandra Boynton’s Belly Button Book at her party.

  55. Avatar Michelle Woolstencroft says:

    My son would love horrid Henry to come too his party to join in on the mischief lol x

  56. Avatar Claire illinesi says:

    My son would invite mr bump as he would be funny

  57. Avatar Kirsten Barthy says:

    the Gruffalo

  58. Avatar Kirsteen Mackay says:

    My daughter would invite the Gruffalo’s Child.

  59. My girls just love Curious George.

  60. Avatar Angela Biddle says:

    The BFG

  61. Avatar sam thomlinson says:

    my daughter would invite the mr men (especially mr happy and mr tickle)

  62. Avatar Caroline Smith says:

    My daughter would love Mog the Cat to come to our house!

  63. Avatar Kelly Tobin says:

    The Gruffalo, we actually convinced my daughter for a while that he lived in the ‘deep, dark wood,’ on my friends land haha!

  64. Avatar Kath Thornton says:

    My granddaughter would love Mr Tickle to come and tickle her 🙂

  65. Avatar Kat Emerick says:

    My grandson said he would invite the power rangers.

  66. Avatar Melanie Lewis says:

    We would invite peter rabbit…the new improved cartoon is her favourite

  67. Avatar Melanie Lewis says:

    We would invite peter rabbit…the new improved cartoon is her favourite

  68. Avatar Tracy Blunier says:

    any of the children that I work with would say The Cat in the Hat … who is full of mischief! But it makes for a great party.

  69. Avatar Tracy C says:

    I think my daughter would love Bessie Belle, the fairy from Freddie and the Fairy at her party.

  70. Avatar Caroline Jones says:

    My youngest would invite Floppy the dog from his school reading books – he loves dogs!

  71. Avatar addison kat says:

    My daughter would love Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious at her party

  72. Avatar Aura says:

    My daughter is enchanted by Eloise

  73. Avatar Allie says:

    Rapunzel would be at the party

  74. Avatar Holly C says:

    Max from Where The Wild Things Are

  75. Avatar Helen butcher says:

    The hungry caterpillar – and he would prob eat everything! X

  76. Avatar Anna Soffe says:

    My daughter would invite the tiger from The Tiger Who Came To Tea.

  77. Avatar claire gray says:

    aaliyah would invite horrid henry cuz hes so horrid he makes her really giggle

  78. Avatar Shirley Giles says:

    Peppa Pig I have a couple of nieces that would love to sit next to Peppa!

  79. Avatar katie adams says:

    My daughter would invite the Tiger who came to tea to her party. She loves mimicking him eating everything up, so it would be a race to see who could finish the cake first! I think she’d love this book because she follows me round pointing out my big bottom!

  80. Avatar alan forrest says:

    Buzz and his pals

  81. Avatar Linda McGarrigle says:

    Pumba from The Lion King my little girl can’t get enough xoxox

  82. Avatar Joanne Saxon says:

    My two little ones both love the Curious George books, so I think we would end up with George and the man with the yellow hat!

  83. Avatar Christy says:

    Hello Kitty

  84. Avatar Allan Mortimer says:

    The Hungry Caterpillar!

  85. Avatar lia says:

    the cat in the hat

  86. Avatar Lenka Gabriel says:

    My LO is too small to choose but his favourite character is Ra Ra the Noisy Lion 🙂

  87. Avatar laura jones says:

    the gruffalo kasey is mad on him must admit id quite enjoy seeing him too

  88. Avatar Heidi Nicholson says:

    Little Rabbit Foo Foo…because he is just like him, they would get into loads of bother together!

  89. Avatar caroline martin says:

    The Tiger from ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’, so we could go out for our tea to a cfe just like the book.

  90. Avatar Tracy Hanley says:

    the cat in the hat

  91. Avatar Julia says:

    That would most definitely be the Gruffalo 🙂

  92. Avatar Amreen akhtar says:

    Has to be hungry caterpillar

  93. Avatar val gardiner says:

    My Grandaughter loves all the character’s in The Midnight Garden

  94. Avatar val gardiner says:

    My Grandaughter loves all the character’s in The Midnight Garden.

  95. Avatar Michelle Duffy says:

    My daughter would invite Doc McStuffins as it is her fave show and if you poorly toy Doc McStuffins can make you all better.

  96. Avatar nicci cowdell-murray says:

    the gruffalo would be the one my kids would love to invite

  97. Avatar jodie harvey says:

    the gruffalo 🙂

  98. Avatar Brooke Ritchie says:

    He’d love ‘Spot the Dog’ that would make his day

  99. Avatar sam ransom says:

    the bear from were going on a bear hunt, my 2yr old thinks the bear is sad as no one wants to be his friend.

  100. Avatar lauren says:

    The Cat in the Hat – they could cause mischief together

  101. Avatar jemma webster says:

    The bear from ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ – he obsessed with him and when I put him in his cot at night as I am walking down the stairs I can hear him saying ‘bye bear!’

  102. Avatar Nick Hopkins says:

    Stig of the Dump could be interesting

  103. Avatar Chas Gilbert says:

    My grandson would like to meet Rapunzel

  104. Avatar Lisa Troccoli says:

    My son and daughter would definitely invite Sooty, Sweep & Sue to their Birthday party! they love watching them on TV like I did as a child x

  105. Avatar Rentia says:

    Peter Rabbit most definitely!

  106. Avatar Katie Pitcher says:

    My daughter would invite Olivia. She can’t get enough of those books!

  107. Avatar Sarah Turner says:

    My daughter would invite Humphrey the elephant

  108. My daughter would have invited courderoy bear… She adored him!!

  109. Avatar susan alison says:

    my son would love the very hungry caterpillar to come and eat all the food he doesn’t like

  110. Avatar Claire Richards says:

    The witch from Room on the Broom would be the favourite for us at the moment.

  111. Avatar Stephanie says:

    Gruffalo of course~!

  112. Avatar Claudia Dance says:

    The Giant from Lullabyhullaballoo

  113. Avatar amy says:

    she would probably invite the runaway bunny. 🙂

  114. Avatar Meg says:

    definitely the squirrel

  115. Avatar Cheri Howard says:

    Oh, that would definitely be Skippyjohn Jones – what an imagination!

  116. Avatar deborah godbolt says:

    spot the dog 🙂

  117. Avatar laura pyper says:

    hello kitty

  118. Avatar Shona Angus says:

    Mog the Cat without a doubt! 🙂 xxx

  119. Avatar Glenn Marvell-James says:

    My daughter would like to invite so many, but if it had to be one then there’s no doubt that it be Whiffy Wilson from Caryl Hart, illustrated by Leonie Lord.

  120. Avatar rachel says:

    My son would love to have the cat in the hat with thing 1 and thing 2

  121. Avatar Julie Grindley says:

    My daughter Olivia is two and a half and loves Stickman. She can finish off each page of the book for me. So sweet. So we would need to invite Srickman to her party!

  122. Avatar Hazel Markland says:

    My little one loves Makka pakka lol

  123. Avatar adele knight says:

    my son would love to invite Wheres wally 🙂

  124. Avatar Debbie Grinstead says:

    Bernard the robot from ‘No-bot the robot with no bottom’

  125. Avatar Zsuzsa Nemeti says:

    My son loves Elmer the elephant 🙂

  126. Avatar kristin m. says:

    Pete the Cat in his party shoes

  127. Avatar Danka Bakic says:

    My little boy would love Mickey mouse 🙂

  128. Avatar Kate Davies says:

    My son would invite the tobermory cat because he loves cats, it was his first word 🙂

  129. Avatar Irfana Raza says:

    My little one would love to invite Winnie the Pooh for his party 🙂 x

  130. Avatar Andrea Morton says:

    My girls would invite the Tiger from the Tiger who came to Tea, but I think we’d have to get in a lot of extra food for him!

  131. Avatar sarah punter says:

    my son would like to invite the gruffalo xx

  132. Avatar Robyn Clarke says:

    The hungry caterpillar

  133. Avatar michelle maggs says:

    Holly from Ben and Hollys little kingdom, as my daughter says she can magic up some party games, presents and extra birthday treats 🙂

  134. Avatar mary carroll says:

    .•´fab¸.•*´¨) prize ¸.•*¨).
    (¸. (¸.•` ¤ Liked and shared*.
    my little girl sasha lovesssss hello kitty

  135. Avatar Lorraine says:

    Pete the Cat or Skippy Jon Jones are favorites here!

  136. My young neices would invite Hello Kitty & Peppa Pig

  137. Avatar kirsty timmington says:

    My daughter would like Cinderella so that she could dress up and go to the ball with her!

  138. Avatar Lena N. says:

    My daughters would invite Ariel and Cinderella because they love Disney, princesses and dress up!

  139. Avatar Nicola Gallagher says:

    My daughter loves books so it would be a hard call but would probably choose peppy pig for old times sake (she’s 6)!!

  140. Avatar Audrey Griffis says:

    daughter ladybug girl and son Thomas the train and all his friends

  141. Avatar Kirsty Bartlett says:

    Hugless Douglas 🙂

  142. Avatar Emma Jenkinson says:

    Peppa pig my girls love it, and the family would make lots of mess, my daughters would love it!

  143. Avatar Sarah yewman says:

    My son would without a doubt, invite Hairy Maclary to his party as he’s always causing mischief

  144. Avatar Jenna Keller says:

    My little boy would love the tiger from the tiger who came to tea because he says he is a nice, friendly tiger!

  145. Avatar Samantha Fernley says:

    The Cheshire Cat as he’s as smiley as my son.

  146. Avatar Mari Lewis says:

    The Cat in the Hat. My son loves his craziness.

  147. Avatar Tiffany Belcher says:

    My son would probably invite Horrid Henry and cause chaos.

  148. my grandson leo is two at the end of september and he snorts every time peppa pig is on so that would be his choice

  149. Avatar JR Reynolds says:

    My son would invite Maisy Mouse!

  150. Avatar Nicola Holland says:

    My little boy loves any books about ‘rude’ things 🙂

  151. Avatar JoBeth says:

    I would love to win Peppa pigs

  152. Avatar Claire Butler says:


  153. Avatar sandra shaheen says:

    Woolley and tig would get an invite from my daughter for sure.

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