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Win a Classic Children’s Book! Watership Down, Charlotte’s Web or Goodnight Mr Tom

WIN a wonderful addition to your children’s bookcase with this Tidy Book’s book review and competition post. You can win your child a copy of a children’s classic.  We have copies of Watership Down, Charlotte’s Web and Goodnight Mr Tom to giveaway!!!

Goodnight Mr Tom Book Cover

How many stories last a lifetime?

Can you remember tales from your own childhood, perhaps ones that your own parents enjoyed too, that still are relevant and wonderful to pass on today?

Children’s books that pass the test of time are rare and are works to be marvelled at.

Passing a story from generation to generation, to your own children, reliving your memories and creating new ones for your family are things that can’t really be measured in pounds and pence.

Puffin Books has re-released a carefully selected series of children’s books, all with new artwork and covers, but with the same great text that has made them all modern classics.

Twenty books in all have been published this year, with a further twenty to follow in 2015.  Books available this year include Stuart Little by E.B. White, Tarka the Otter by Henry Williamson and The Borrowers by Mary Norton.

Click here for the full list of books available.

The books are published in paperback format and are priced at £6.99 each.

It’s easy to enter our giveaway! To win a copy, tell us your favourite children’s classic and by liking the Tidy Books Facebook page on our app below.  If you’d like to have a greater chance of winning, earn extra entries by using the app by joining our Newsletter, following us on Pinterest or Tweeting about the giveaway and other extra entry options.

But before you give yourself a great chance of winning a copy of the book have a read of what think of these Stories that Last a Lifetime from Puffin.

Watership Down


I’ve always loved reading with my child.  The fight nowadays – now that my son is nearly ten – is getting him to let me read, he’d much rather read to himself these days.

Sneakily, I’ve combatted that a bit in the past by introducing more challenging books and text.  Stories that are interesting and intriguing, but a little more difficult to read, and hence more likely to be passed to me at bedtime rather than kept in my boy’s clutches.

We were sent a copy of Goodnight Mr Tom from this series of books, and I was immediately anticipating and predicting how my child may take to a story based around the second world war.  It has a bit more grit than his usual Diary of a Wimpy Kid nonsense.

The book is great, but you knew that already, and it wouldn’t be included on a list of classics if it wasn’t.  And the beauty of it was that we could share the reading.  My son has taken the book to school, and then we’ve than had a catch up of what’s happened in the story, before reading it again together.

It’s also been rather poignant around Armistice Day and has prompted talks about the armed forces and conflict.

He’s taken to this book so much, he has added more books from this series to his Christmas wish list.  We look forward to reading them with him.

Charlotte's Web


So that’s what we made of the Penguin Classics and we have brand new copies of Watership Down, Goodnight Mr Tom and Charlotte’s Web to giveaway.

It’s easy to enter! To win a copy, tell us what your favourite children’s classic in a comment and by liking the Tidy Books Facebook page on our app below.  If you’d like to have a greater chance of winning, earn extra entries by using the app by joining our Newsletter, following us on Pinterest, Tweeting about the giveaway and other extra entry options.  

Good Luck!

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59 thoughts on “Win a Classic Children’s Book! Watership Down, Charlotte’s Web or Goodnight Mr Tom

  1. Avatar Tracy Nixon says:

    The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

  2. Avatar kim neville says:

    Gulliver’s Travels

  3. Avatar Joanna Vernon says:

    My favourite book is the secret garden

  4. Avatar Katrina rose says:

    One of my bang favourites as a kid was the BFG x

  5. Avatar Katrina rose says:

    One of my many favourites as a kid was the BFG x

  6. Avatar michelle reidy says:

    Has to be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  7. Avatar Ursula Hunt says:

    My favourite classic as a child was The Plague Dogs

  8. Avatar Joyce Butler says:

    Wing in the Willows

  9. Avatar caroline martin says:

    Love all the famous five books

  10. Avatar Emily Snell says:

    The tiger who came 2 tea

  11. Avatar kate bryans says:

    so many to choose from, probably a Roald Dahl or Dick King Smith as I still have those to pass on to my kids! Danny the Champion of the World springs to mind .

  12. Avatar sharon smith says:

    my fav book is the bfg

  13. Avatar susan alison says:

    the lion the witch and the wardrobe

  14. Avatar Margaret Brown Rowley says:

    What Katy Did

  15. Avatar Rebecca Evans says:

    I have a daughter called Fern…I think Charlotte’s web left a great impression on me as a child! But Watership Down is so beautifully brilliant so the latter is my favourite (don’t tell Fern!) 🙂

  16. Avatar Hannah K. says:

    My favorites are definitely The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, and Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O’Brien!

  17. Avatar Stuart Davies says:

    Anything Roald Dahl!

  18. Avatar susan applegarth says:

    wind in the willows

  19. Avatar jon morris says:

    good night mr tom

  20. Avatar MichelleD says:

    The Magic Faraway tree!

  21. Avatar iain maciver says:

    Charlie and the chocolate factory

  22. Avatar Donna Clark says:

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar

  23. Avatar Jessica Powell says:

    The Secret Garden

  24. Avatar ann clements says:

    I love Alice in Wonderland

  25. Avatar clair downham says:

    goodnight mr tom

  26. Avatar Michelle Banks says:

    the magic faraway tree

  27. Avatar Joanna Butler-Savage says:

    magic faraway tree books by enid blyton

  28. Avatar Kelly L says:

    The Lion the witch and the wardrobe.

  29. Avatar Andrea Fletcher says:

    Alice in Wonderland.

  30. Avatar Kiran Parry says:

    The secret garden

  31. Avatar Michaela Turner says:

    I love the Peter Rabbit collection, especially Jemima Puddleduck

  32. Avatar Emma Fox says:

    I loved the ‘Famous Five’ books

  33. Avatar Victoria B says:

    Goodnight Mr Tom – the book, film and stage show are amazing and I always cry.

  34. Avatar A.M says:

    Little Women

  35. Avatar Rick Carr says:

    Wind in the Willows

  36. Avatar ozzwald says:

    Goodnight Mr Tom

  37. Avatar Clare S says:

    I love Black Beauty

  38. Avatar simon hardy says:

    I enjoyed Enid Blyton books now my children are reading the same books I did. It is great!

  39. Avatar lara davis says:

    The Faraway Tree

  40. Avatar Laura Pyper says:

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  41. Avatar Natasha Gandy says:

    Robinson Crusoe

  42. Avatar Lucy carter says:

    Charlie and the chocolate factory

  43. Avatar Lisa Houston says:

    Love all the famous five books

  44. Avatar jo liddement says:

    Little Women

  45. Avatar Pam Francis Gregory says:

    Treasure Island

  46. Avatar dennis wibberley says:

    Famous Five

  47. Avatar sobia naseer says:

    Matilda was my favorite

  48. Avatar sobia naseer says:


  49. Avatar Charlotte rawlins says:

    I loved charlottes web because my name is charlotte 🙂

  50. Avatar carol boffey says:

    famous five

  51. Avatar emilia nastaly-howard says:

    Charlie and the chocolate factory

  52. Avatar barbra says:

    Noddy books

  53. Avatar laura stewart says:

    The tale of Peter rabbit

  54. Avatar LEE HARDY says:

    Has to be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  55. Avatar n says:

    charlie and the chocolate factory

  56. Avatar Eva Appleby says:


  57. Avatar siobhan marie says:

    goodnight mr tom

  58. Avatar Natalie Crossan says:

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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