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Win! Brand new children’s book: The Twistrose Key by Tone Almhjell

WIN! This wonderful fantasy adventure that will put pets in a whole new dimension, from new Norwegian author Tone Almhjell to fill up your children’s bookcase with Tidy Book’s book review and competition.

You can win a copy of The Twistrose Key by Tone Almhjell.   To enter, leave a comment at the end and tell us who your favourite fantasy character is. 

This is how The Twistrose Key arrived:  A beautifully crafted mystery that demanded to be unwrapped!  The Twistrose Key is a lovely fantasy story for 8 -12 year olds in the fine tradition of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Northern Lights.  Set in glittering snowy landscapes, it plunges readers into the hidden parallel world of Petlings, and of Snow Trolls. This secret world is facing disaster and needs a heroine to act, fast.


Lin is unhappy; her family has moved home, away from her best friend and fellow troll-hunter Niklas, and her beloved pet vole, Rufus is dead.  When an unexpected parcel arrives, containing a key, Lin’s sense of adventure propels her into the forbidden cellar where she is pulled into the secret world of Sylver, where the Petlings live, including her old pet Rufus! Lin soon discovers that she is a Twistrose – a child who can travel between worlds- and that she has an impossible and dangerous task ahead of her before she can return to the safety of home.

Read on to find out what the 9 year old made of The Twistrose Key:

9 year old twistrose review

The Twistrose Key has all the elements of a classic fantasy adventure; an unwitting but brave heroine, magical creatures and secret worlds which are impacted by what happens in the real world.  I particularly loved the maps, which enjoyably blur the line between magic and reality.   The sense of danger is satisfyingly realistic and the Hall of Mirrors is genuinely creepy.   Both the 9 year old and I raced through the book in a state of suspense,  and The Twistrose Key will appeal to younger and older fans of magical and adventure stories.

You can read more about the book and its Norwegian author, Tone Almhjell in our chat with her on the blog here, where she talks about her inspiration for the Petlings.

The Twistrose Key

The Twistrose Key is published by Little, Brown Kids UK who kindly provided the review copy and a prize copy.

You can win a copy of The Twistrose Key by Tone Almhjell.  To enter, leave a comment at the end and tell us who your favourite fantasy character is. 

Leave your answer in the comment box below.  So we can notify the winner please confirm on our Facebook page that you have entered.  This competition is open to the US and UK.

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62 thoughts on “Win! Brand new children’s book: The Twistrose Key by Tone Almhjell

  1. I like Aslan the lion.
    I really want to read this book, it looks fantastic.

  2. Avatar Tom Pedro says:

    My brother and I would love to read this book.

    My favourite character has to be Harry Potter

  3. Avatar Jennifer Sandland says:

    legolas from The Lord of the Rings.

    My son would love this book, he really enjoys the fantasy genre (he takes after me!)

  4. Avatar Audrey Griffis says:

    my daughter loves the harry potter series ron is her favorite character

  5. Avatar Mel Daniels says:

    Bilbo Baggins 🙂

  6. Avatar Jodi says:

    Hermione Granger. Probably because I totally was that girl that tried too hard to please adults and only had friends through weird coincidences (though not as weird as a troll in the washroom!)

  7. Avatar tina page says:

    currently tyrion lannister….i am reading the 5th book in the series.

  8. Avatar Christina p says:

    I would love to read this book to my son and one day have him read it to me. He loves books

  9. Avatar Lena Naef says:

    Drizzt Do’Urden by RA Salvatore

  10. Avatar malki b says:

    harry potter!

  11. Avatar Susan Alison says:

    peter pan

  12. Avatar JoBeth says:

    My fave fantasy character is Peter Pan he never grew up

  13. Avatar Yvonne Jefferson says:

    September in Cat Valente’s Fairyland series is amazing.

  14. Avatar judy parslow says:


  15. Avatar Annie Costa says:

    Would have to be Aslan the lion from Narnia.

  16. Avatar SAMANTHA DEVINE says:

    My daughter would love this book please. Her favourite Katniss from Hunger Games books.

  17. Avatar Laura W. says:

    I could say Harry Potter (because that was a fantastic series), but another series would be the one with character Leven Thumps. Those are a great read, and people should check those out as well!

  18. Avatar Stephanie says:

    BFG by a long shot!

  19. Avatar kerry shaw says:

    katness from the hunger games my daughter is obsessed !

  20. Avatar Will Tunnicliffe says:

    It would have to be either the Luggage or the Librarian in Terry Pratchetts hilarious Discworld series.

  21. Avatar tahiura ali says:

    the little girl from a little princess

  22. Avatar Kristie says:

    I like Aslan from the Narnia series.

  23. Avatar Will Tunnicliffe says:

    It would have to be either the Luggage or the Librarian from Terry Pratchetts hilarious Discworld novels.

  24. Avatar Victoria Russell says:

    My children love Cinderella, a timeless fantasy character that all girls love to read about.

  25. Avatar Victoria Bennett says:

    jim henson’s the storyteller

  26. Avatar Audrey Tebbs says:

    Harry Potter does it for me

  27. Avatar Greig spencer says:

    harry potter as he is so brave

  28. Avatar sarah shaw says:

    My son loves Asian from the Narnia books.

  29. Avatar mariella hoekstra says:

    harry potter

  30. Avatar Sophieb Spiby says:


  31. Avatar sue carroll says:

    Mary from the secret garden, she was so contrary and so beautifully written, I found her one of the most believable girls in books, yet the story hints of magic around us.

  32. Avatar Angela Mckenzie says:

    Willy Wonka, because he owns a yummy chocolate factory x

  33. Avatar Lisa Redmond says:

    I love Katsa from Graceling

  34. Avatar Louise Wilson says:

    Has to be either Harry potter or Ron Wesley x

  35. Avatar Jocelyn Reilly says:

    Aslan from CS Lewis – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 🙂

  36. Avatar Dorothee77 says:

    My fave fantasy character is Peter Pan as he lives in a great place, as a fairy as a friend and is really good in fighting!

  37. Avatar Jenny Matthews Lyons says:

    Myself and my daughter would love to read this book it is her birthday next week and mine a few weeks later she will be 9 and I will be 29 and this would be a lovely present we could share in together.
    We have lots of favourite caracther’s we both love Aslan from the chronicles of Narnia and Bilbo from The Hobbit but our favourite caracther is Hermione Granger from Harry Potter as she is in the words of my soon to be 9 year old brave, talented, clever and kind everything a girl should aim to be 🙂

  38. Avatar melanie turrell says:

    it has to be the lovable ASLAN the lion from lion witch wardrobe he`s is so adorable and just lovely

  39. Avatar melanie says:

    Aslan so adorable and just lovable what`s not to like about the best fictional animal ever

  40. Avatar carol boffey says:

    willy wonka

  41. Avatar carole says:

    Definitely Peter Pan

  42. Avatar adrian price says:

    Harry Potter

  43. Avatar Audrey Griffis says:

    sounds like a great book- my favorite is peter pan

  44. Avatar Kim Hayhurst says:

    Lyra Belacqua (Silvertongue) from His Dark Materials trilogy

  45. Avatar Michelle Reidy says:

    Has to be the BFG. Love all of Dahls characters but the BFG was so cool!

  46. Avatar Lubna Akram says:

    My just turned 9yr old daughter and I would love to read this book together! Our favourite fantasy character is Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series as she is intelligent, smart, kind and funny – everything my daughter aspires to be (and is succeeding!) 🙂

  47. Avatar Leanne Barei says:

    My son is 10 next week and would love this book, his favourite fantasy characters are Gollum and Bilbo Baggins x

  48. Avatar Millie Agutter says:

    My favorite is Prince Caspian from the CS Lewis books

  49. Avatar vivian allman says:

    i always loved darrel rivers from enid blytons malory towers stories. she lived such a wonderful life at boarding school. so much fun and excitement… i always wanted to be her..

  50. Avatar suan watts says:

    Harry Potter

  51. Avatar jodie harvey says:

    beast from beauty and the beast…:)

  52. Avatar Angie Daly says:

    I just love Hermione from the Harry Potter series; she lets children know that they can work hard at their studies and still be cool.

  53. Avatar sarah punter says:

    both my sons love harry potter x

  54. Avatar Keri Jones says:

    My favourite Fantasy Character is Ben Gates from National Treasure. I’d love to go find lost treasure with him 🙂

  55. Avatar Misha Wallace says:

    In movies, Sir Didymus from Labyrinth. In books, Dracula. 😀

  56. Avatar Sue Gale says:

    It would have to be Peter Pan for me

  57. Avatar Andrea Morton says:

    Aslan the lion

  58. Avatar Kat Emerick says:

    Hermione Granger, because everyone listens to her.

  59. Avatar Thea Wilson says:

    Gandalf from The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit!

  60. Avatar Lara Davis says:

    Gotta love gandolf xx

  61. Avatar CHRISTY SWEENEY says:


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