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Win!!! A New Children’s Book: The Royal Nappy by Nicholas Allan


WIN!!!  A right royal addition to your children’s bookcase with Tidy Book’s book review and competition.You can win your child a copy of Nicholas Allan’s brand new book, The Royal Nappy.  A book celebrating this year’s Royal Baby. We have 4 copies to giveaway!!


The Royal Nappy



From the best-selling children’s author, Nicholas Allan, comes a brand new children’s picture book.  It isn’t just Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge that are excited about the arrival of their first child, the whole nation is too!

The Royal Nappy is from the author of The Queen’s Knickers, and is a warm and witty look at the world of the Royal Baby and their Royal Nappy!

It’s a warm and funny account meeting the Royal Baby for the first time, and of course, Nanny, who has looked after all the Royal Babies.

Find out where all the Royal Nappies are made, and the chaos that is caused when things don’t always go to plan, just what happens with every baby!

All you need to do to enter is give us your best guess as to what the Royal Baby will eventually be called?

But before you give yourself a great chance to win a copy of the book have a read of what we made of The Royal Nappy by Nicholas Allan.


Prince William at work with the Royal Baby!




The impending arrival of the Royal Baby is something that most children will be aware of, and perhaps excited for.  And if they aren’t aware of it now, they almost certainly will be once the baby has actually arrived.

This book is a lovely way to harness that excitement, and transfer it in to a book and story that children will want to read and be read to.

With the content being ‘nappies’ whilst perhaps the book isn’t aimed at young boys, its humour certainly will, as it will to lots of other groups of children that find toilet humour hilarious.

The author has wonderful form for that.  We hadn’t realised but he’s also behind one of our other favourite children’s books, Father Christmas Needs a Wee! We return to that one every festive period, and laugh more each time we read it.

I like how The Royal Nappy is much more than just about poo jokes though.  There’s something in it for all ages to smile about, even subtle story lines in their for us adult readers.

It’s going to be a very topical book, and it’s full of history without being at all boring.



Helen is an early years foundation stage leader. She’s responsible for the education of over 150 three to six-year-olds. Helen has over a decade’s experience in early years learning, and this is what she thinks of The Royal Nappy by Nicholas Allan.

“This book has a lot in it.  There’s something for all age ranges.  Some of it is very suitable for early years, whereas other parts will be better for a more grown up child”

“Its illustrations are fun, full of humour, especially for the younger child.  My favourite one is of the Royal Baby visiting Great-grandma’s house!”

“The use of relating nappies to nations flags for the baby’s travel and international visitors is great.  An easy way to introduce children to the concept of national flags and tool for remembering them.”

“It’s bang up to date, but also covers a little history, back to Henry The VIII and other significant people and events in the life of the Royal Nanny.”

“I may chose to read it differently depending on my audience, or a child’s age.  There’s nothing at all age inappropriate about the book, but some parts will just work better for a younger, or older, child.”

So that’s what we made of The Royal Nappy and we have four copies of it to giveaway.

To be in with a chance to win a copy, simply leave a comment telling us what you think the Royal Baby will be named?

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252 thoughts on “Win!!! A New Children’s Book: The Royal Nappy by Nicholas Allan

  1. Avatar Debra G says:

    North West

  2. Avatar Vicki Macdonald says:

    George for a boy & Victoria for a girl 🙂

  3. Avatar Rebecca coddington says:


  4. Avatar adele knight says:


  5. Avatar Samantha Fenn says:


  6. Avatar Tina Edwards says:

    Diana if its a girl
    George if its a boy

  7. Avatar rafia shahzad says:


  8. Avatar alison pearce says:


  9. Avatar judy parslow says:


  10. Avatar jessica newman says:

    grace elizabeth

  11. Avatar julie perry says:

    Diana or Alexander

  12. Avatar Amy B. says:

    Elizabeth Diane if the baby’s a girl; George Edward if it’s a boy.

  13. Avatar beverley kirwin says:


  14. Avatar lisa atkinson says:

    Edward or Elizabeth

  15. Avatar donna barker says:

    catherine or charles

  16. Avatar Angie Boylan says:

    Girl – Diana Elizabeth
    Boy – Henry Alexander

  17. Avatar Kimberley Ingham says:

    Diana Elizabeth for a girl and Charlie for a boy

  18. Avatar YvonneJ says:

    Elizabeth Diana Carole

  19. Avatar sarah punter says:

    Diana or charles xx

  20. Avatar Cathy Porteus says:


  21. Avatar sarah punter says:

    charles or diana

  22. Avatar bubble936 says:

    girl – Elizabeth
    boy- William charles

  23. Avatar Elsa Delgado says:

    Charlotte if it’s a girl and Peter if it’s a boy

  24. Avatar debra burt says:

    Boy- James
    Girl- jessica

  25. Avatar Danielle B says:

    Kiera for a girl or Kyle for a boy

  26. Avatar G Russell says:

    George for a boy and Alexandra for a girl.

  27. Avatar G Russell says:

    George for a boy and Alexandra for a girl.

  28. Avatar Michelle Best says:

    Matilda for a girl and Henry if its a boy

  29. Avatar Rentia Smal says:

    The royal baby girl: Elizabeth Carole
    The royal baby boy: James Arthur

  30. Avatar Victoria Androsova says:

    i think it will be a girl named Scarlett or Charlotte

  31. Avatar angela allen says:

    i think it will be called james Henry

  32. Avatar Lauren Pilkington says:

    phoebe or charlie

  33. Avatar Tracy Nixon says:


  34. Avatar Lucy Townend says:

    Louis for a boy

    Eleanor for a girl

  35. Avatar Julia McElhone says:

    Oliver or Olivia

  36. Avatar tina iacurci says:


  37. Avatar Julia McElhone says:

    Oliver or Olivia

  38. Avatar caroline martin says:


  39. Avatar valerie says:

    Victoria. girl

  40. Avatar Tammy Tudor says:


  41. Avatar HappyMomC says:


  42. Avatar Addison Kat says:

    Diana or Philip

  43. Avatar Hannah Oneill says:


  44. Avatar Nicola Cope says:


  45. Avatar Charlotte Clark says:

    Charlotte Olivia- girl
    Albert Charles- boy

  46. Avatar Sarahann Tonner says:

    Lewis for a boy, Alice for a girl

  47. Avatar sarah foulds says:

    Elizabeth – Diana for a girl
    James – Phillip for a boy x

  48. Avatar Vee says:

    Elizabeth Catherine & Charlie Spencer

  49. Avatar Sharon Griffin says:

    Grace Diana if a girl or Charlie if a boy

  50. Avatar Emma R says:

    Sophia or Alexander

  51. Avatar Marie Ayres says:

    Victoria or George.

  52. Avatar Nicole Toscano says:

    Philip and I think it’s definitely a boy

  53. Avatar sophie spiby says:


  54. Avatar Vicky Varley says:

    Victoria for a girl philip for a boy or maybe they’ll go more morden?

  55. Avatar Lindsey says:

    Grace Elizabeth Diana Wales
    Edward Phillip James Wales

  56. Avatar Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Sophie – Girl
    Brandon – Boy

  57. Avatar Karen Barrett says:


  58. Avatar Rebecca Hall says:

    George William (the same as my son!)

  59. Avatar tahira says:


  60. Avatar Rachael G says:

    Elizabeth Diana if it’s a girl.
    Henry James if it’s a boy.

  61. Avatar kirsty l says:

    I think they could choose a name that no one has thought of maybe modern like eve or jack

  62. Avatar Shirisha Prodduturi says:


  63. Avatar Emily Jayne Phipps says:

    Harriot – girl, Edward – boy

  64. Girl: Amelia
    Boy: Charlie

  65. Avatar nechama says:


  66. Avatar raluca corneanu says:

    David or Diana

  67. Avatar Sally Millard says:

    My dd says Jessica or peter

  68. Avatar Terri Fox says:

    Elizabeth Diana

  69. Avatar adeinne says:

    Diana for a girl and Edward for a boy

  70. Avatar Sylvia Wright says:

    Alexandra or Diana if a girl
    George or Philip if a boy

  71. Avatar anthony harrington says:

    Elizabeth Diana

  72. Avatar anthony harrington says:

    Elizabeth Diana

  73. Avatar Gemma Hynds says:

    Victoria or William

  74. Avatar Isabell Stewart says:

    George for a boy and Matilda for a girl

  75. Avatar dawn unsworth says:

    Maisie or Harold

  76. Avatar Tracy Waldock Newton says:

    George for a boy
    Victoria Diana for a girl

  77. Avatar Sara Friend says:

    Charles or Vicky

  78. Avatar Val Hartley says:

    Diana or Charles

  79. Avatar Jenny says:

    James or Victoria

  80. Avatar Sonia G says:

    Girl – Eliza
    Boy – Luke

  81. Avatar simon sims says:

    Diana if its a girl
    George if its a boy

  82. Avatar lauren says:

    Alexandra Diana

  83. Avatar Jo Jones says:

    Alexandra Diana Elizabeth
    James Edward William Charles Philip

  84. Avatar Tricia Clark says:

    Nathaniel for a boy, Louisa for a girl

  85. Avatar Sandra Bellingham says:

    Caroline or Thomas

  86. Avatar renae says:

    I think for a boy: George and for a girl: Grace with Diana as a middle name

  87. Avatar Katie McBride says:

    "Alice Jemima" or "Samuel George"

  88. Avatar Vicky Blyde says:

    Alexandra for a girl, George for a boy.

  89. Avatar Samantha Weaver says:

    Victoria Diana

  90. Avatar susie says:

    Susanna for a girl Robert for a boy

  91. Avatar Gilly Randle says:

    Albert for a boy
    Jane for a girl.

  92. Avatar Gilly Randle says:

    Albert for a boy
    Jane for a girl.

  93. Avatar Finn says:

    If it’s a boy, Flippa! If it’s a girl, Aliva!
    (No disrespect intended, answered by a 7 year old)

  94. Avatar Twila says:


  95. Avatar clair downham says:

    henry or elizabeth

  96. Avatar clair downham says:

    henry or elizabeth

  97. Avatar Melanie C says:

    Diana for a girl, Spencer for a boy x

  98. Avatar Shannon F says:

    Charlotte or Diana.

    Shannon F.

  99. Avatar hannah welsh says:

    Hannah Elizabeth for a girl – name her after me – why not! x

  100. Avatar Jenny says:

    James for a boy, Charlotte for a girl

  101. Avatar hannah staveley says:

    Elizabeth .x

  102. Avatar Jessica Poppe says:


  103. Avatar Leonie Savory says:

    Amelia Elizabeth diana or george phillip charles

  104. Avatar marina frow says:

    alexandra diana

  105. Avatar angela sandhu says:


  106. Avatar sofia ramos says:


  107. Avatar Danuta Myszor says:


  108. Avatar Marie Hunter says:

    George or Georgiana

  109. Avatar Barrie Phillips says:


  110. Avatar rajini r says:

    Charlotte Alexandra – girl and George James – boy

  111. Avatar rajini r says:


  112. Avatar Katherine Audus says:


  113. Avatar Lyndsay Cambridge says:


  114. Avatar shane weir says:


  115. Avatar Stephanie Boulton says:

    Alexandra or Alexander

  116. Avatar Sharon Heath says:

    Girl – Alice Diana
    Boy – George Phillip

  117. Avatar Helen Grayson says:

    Eloise for a girl
    Robert for a boy


  118. Avatar Evelyn says:


  119. Avatar vikki sanderson says:

    charles or anne

  120. Avatar katrina walsh says:

    Harold for a boy and eliza for a girl

  121. Avatar Amy says:

    Amelia Jane

  122. Avatar Victoria Boland says:

    Alexandria Diana


  124. Avatar kathryn anne says:


  125. Avatar christine says:

    alexandrea diana elizabeth…………………….or ……………………………harry william charles

  126. Avatar christine says:

    alexandrea diana elizabeth…………………….or ……………………………harry william charles

  127. Avatar Jo Glasspool says:

    Henry for a boy and Diana for a girl

  128. Avatar christine says:

    alexandrea diana elizabeth…………………….or ……………………………harry william charles

  129. Avatar christine says:

    alexandrea diana elizabeth…………………….or ……………………………harry william charles

  130. Avatar christine says:

    alexandrea diana elizabeth…………………….or ……………………………harry william charles

  131. Avatar christine says:

    alexandrea diana elizabeth…………………….or ……………………………harry william charles

  132. Avatar hayley pemberton says:


  133. Avatar Caroline Mortimer says:

    Victoria for a girl… James for a boy

  134. Avatar Caroline Mortimer says:

    Victoria for a girl… James for a boy

  135. Avatar david bussey says:

    charles or dianna or william

  136. Avatar Christine Uniejewski says:

    Richard Robert

  137. Avatar kerry shaw says:

    grace x

  138. Avatar Patricia Owen says:


  139. Avatar anita says:

    thomas for boy anne for girls

  140. Avatar kristin m. says:

    Emma or Will

  141. Avatar Sarah Queenan says:

    I think George or Victoria

  142. Avatar Leah Wall says:

    Girl: Diana or Victoria
    Boy: Edward or Charles

  143. His Royal Highness, William, of course!

  144. Avatar Liz says:

    Rose or Arthur

  145. Avatar Rachel B says:

    James or Catherine

  146. Avatar victoria metcalfe says:

    Ophelia or Issac

  147. Avatar Lynne Donnelly says:

    Henry for a boy
    Ruby for a girl

  148. Avatar Monica says:


  149. Avatar Clare White says:


  150. Avatar Tatiana says:

    Alexandra Victoria

  151. Avatar stacey hutchins says:

    for a boy jack would be nice I think the little boy will be called Michael Charles phillip or Stephen would be nice Stephen means crown

    for a girl I love the name Anastasia or ann I think it be name Catherine Elizabeth or Diana or carole

  152. Avatar Felicity Morris says:

    constance or frederick

  153. Avatar Mickie Bull says:


  154. Avatar Clare Davis says:


  155. Avatar Dawn Taverner says:

    Theodore or charlotte

  156. Avatar Solange says:

    Alice or George

  157. Avatar Diana says:

    Diana 🙂

  158. Avatar kate bryans says:

    Charlotte Diana Elizabeth

  159. Avatar Claire Butler says:

    Thomas for a boy after her grandad
    Alexandra for a girl

  160. Avatar Sarah Ballantyne says:

    George or Alexandra

  161. Avatar Rachel Speake says:

    Victoria or George

  162. Avatar Charlotte Jones says:

    Matilda 🙂

  163. Avatar Sam ransom says:

    a girl named Elizabeth

  164. Avatar shelley daines says:

    Victoria or george

  165. Avatar Lori Sheldon says:


  166. Avatar Robyn says:


  167. Avatar Kate Ellix says:

    Alexandria – Girl
    George- Boy

  168. Avatar Jessica L says:

    James for a boy
    Rebecca for a girl

  169. Avatar Brooke Ritchie says:

    A baby girl named ‘Helena’

  170. Avatar mariella hoekstra says:

    Alexander – boy

  171. Avatar Joanne sharp says:

    Elizabeth girl
    George boy

  172. Avatar Emma Gallagher says:

    James or Charlotte

  173. Avatar Helen Clancy says:


  174. Avatar Siobhan S. says:

    David for a boy

    Victoria for a girl!

  175. Avatar SARAH says:


  176. Avatar Hazel Markland says:

    James Phillip or Charlotte Elizabeth

  177. Avatar Jo welsh says:


  178. Avatar Maria cardinal says:

    Boy: eduard
    Girl: diana alexandra

  179. Avatar Maria cardinal says:

    Boy: eduard
    Girl: diana alexandra

  180. Tyler or Chantelle…. 🙂

  181. Avatar Annalise ONeill says:


  182. Avatar Caroline Smith says:

    Victoria if its a girl and Phillip if its a boy

  183. Avatar amy says:

    diana or phillip

  184. Avatar Donna Woodcock says:

    I think it will be Diana for a girl 🙂

  185. Avatar kelly says:

    Girl = Emily

  186. Avatar Lorraine Rivers says:

    Elizabth for a girl
    James for a boy

  187. Avatar Sam Briggs says:

    Frances – his Mum’s middle name

  188. Avatar K KAUR says:

    Alexander for a boy Alexandra for a girl.

  189. Avatar H Clark says:


  190. Avatar Kayleigh. S. says:

    Girl – Alexandra
    Boy – Phillip

  191. Avatar Shona Angus says:


  192. Avatar Anne-Marie Taylor says:

    George for a boy and Alexandra for a girl.

  193. Avatar Jill Webb says:


  194. Avatar Zoe Casson says:

    Grace – def a girl!

  195. Avatar Zoe Casson says:

    Grace – it will be a girl!

  196. Avatar Kay Adams says:

    Diana, if a girl.

  197. Avatar Angela Barnes says:

    Elizabeth Ann or George

  198. Avatar Tanya Metcalf says:


  199. Avatar Victoria Thurgood says:

    Boy – Michael
    Girl – Victoria

  200. Avatar Lisa Thompson says:

    Girl- Isabelle
    Boy- Henry

  201. Avatar Lisa Thompson says:

    Girl- Isabelle
    Boy- Henry

  202. Avatar Lisa Thompson says:

    Girl- Isabelle
    Boy- Henry

  203. Avatar Allan Mortimer says:

    James or Victoria

  204. Avatar rachel green says:

    Frances or Francis!

  205. Avatar Ann Richards says:

    George and the middle name if a girl will be Diana

  206. Avatar Jen says:

    George or Victoria

  207. Avatar Paula Smith says:

    Cecilia or Arthur

  208. Avatar JENNY MILLRT says:

    James – Victoria

  209. Avatar REBECCA TOWNSEND says:


  210. Avatar Louise Lumsden says:

    Alexander if a boy, Alexandra if a girl

  211. Avatar SALLY says:

    girl Elizabeth Diana boy George William

  212. Avatar Debbie Grinstead says:


  213. Avatar Hayley Todd says:

    Charlotte for a little girl and James for a little boy

  214. Avatar Emma says:

    Maybe Diana for a girl???!! Or atleast that will be a middle name! For a Boy, maybe George!

  215. Avatar Kathryn says:

    Boy: Henry or Thomas
    Girl: charlotte or Victoria

  216. Avatar S Helly says:

    Philip for a boy, Elizabeth for a girl 🙂

  217. Avatar carla m says:

    charlotte/ henry

  218. Avatar Hannah Williams says:

    George or Elizabeth

  219. Avatar Louise Hutchings says:

    George for a boy and Sophia for a Girl

  220. Avatar Teresa Riddle says:

    If it’s a girl, Diana. If it’s a boy, William.

  221. Avatar Dorothee77 says:

    The baby will be named Grace or George

  222. Avatar Allan Mortimer says:

    Mary or Henry

  223. Avatar Caroline Mortimer says:

    Victoria or James

  224. Avatar Shelley Jessup says:

    I think a girl called Isabelle

  225. Avatar Amy Bull says:

    Henry Edward – boy….and Emily rose – girl

  226. Avatar Amy Bull says:

    Henry or Emily

  227. Avatar Amy Bull says:

    Henry or Emily

  228. Avatar Kate E says:

    George Alexander
    Isabelle Diana

  229. Avatar carole says:

    Alexandra or George

  230. Avatar Helen F says:

    Diana Carole

    or Charlie

  231. Avatar Lexy Law says:


  232. Avatar kelly says:

    andrew or charlotte

  233. Avatar Dianne says:

    Catherine Diana or Charles Edward

  234. Avatar Cheri Howard says:

    Boy: James, Girl: Elizabeth

  235. Avatar lorraine polley says:

    victoria for a girl, henry for a boy

  236. Avatar Katie Wilson says:

    I think James too.

  237. Avatar FARIDAH BROOKER says:

    Don’t know really but I’d like to think they will choose something more original than Charles or Henry or Elizabeth.

  238. Avatar Ru Shu says:


  239. Avatar Tiffany Oconnell says:


  240. Avatar nicci cowdell-murray says:

    elizabeth or george 🙂

  241. Avatar Danielle graves says:

    Diana alice

  242. Avatar natalie holland says:

    girl georgina and boy george x

  243. Avatar Tara Girvan says:

    Grace for a girl and Henry for a boy

  244. Avatar Kate E says:

    Have the winners been announced? Did we get one for guessing George Alexander? 😉

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