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Win!!! A New Children’s Book: Dear Zoo Spin and Say by Rod Campbell

WIN!!!  A wonderful addition to your children’s bookcase with this Tidy Book’s book review and competition post. You can win your child a copy of Rod Cambell’s brand new book, Dear Zoo Spin and Say.  A book based on the incredibly successful and original Dear Zoo. We have 3 brand new copies to giveaway!!

Dear Zoo Spin and Say

From the best-selling children’s author, Rod Campbell, comes this brand new interactive children’s  book.   We’re back at the zoo the author previously made famous and this time we aren’t looking for a pet, this time we are looking to learn.

The original Dear Zoo picture book has sold over 5 million copies and will be familiar to many children and families.  It tells a story of how a child keeps sending animals back to the zoo before they settle on the perfect pet.  It’s a flap book that has kept many millions of children entertained.

This book is a follow on from Dear Zoo, and again is an interactive book for pre-readers to get stuck in to.  It’s a ‘Spin and Say’ book where many of the original Dear Zoo’s characters return and feature against two spinners.

The book asks questions like ‘How many?’ and ‘What are we called?’ and the children can dial the spinners around to the right answers.

All you need to do to enter is give to tell us what animal you think would make the perfect pet?

But before you give yourself a great chance of winning a copy of the book have a read of what we made of Dear Zoo Spin and Say.
A much loved copy of the original Dear Zoo!


I didn’t have to look far to find our much cherished copy of Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell.  It was neatly archived amongst all the other pre-reader books that we can’t bear to be parted with.  And was very prominent – like all books are – on our Tidy Books bookcase when my son was learning to get to grips with reading.

He loved the interactive flaps of the original book, which were fairly sturdy, but were well worn as I’m sure that are in the other 5 million copies in existence.  This book, Dear Zoo Spin and Say has been made with two very sturdy spinners.  Which I’m sure would be even better prepared to stand the long term handling of young and soft, but unforgiving, hands.

Knowing the Dear Zoo story helps with this book, and it probably works best as an accompaniment rather than as a stand alone children’s book.  The text and illustrations are still charming, and the book encourages children to interact with them, as well as perhaps prompting the reader to think a little more of pets and animals away from the book.

We have hundreds of books that we read in the pre-reader era, but I don’t recall one that featured a spinner so well.  Whether it is you turning the spinner to ask the child a question, or the child turning the spinner to answer another or ask one of their own, it works terrifically.
Dear Zoo Spin and Say example page


Helen is an early years foundation stage leader. She’s responsible for the education of over 150 three to six year-olds. Helen has over a decade’s experience in early years learning, and this is what she thinks of Dear Zoo Spin and Say by Rod Campbell.

“If you are familiar with Dear Zoo, which quite frankly who isn’t, then you’ll understand and be intrigued by this book straight away”

“The dials give it a certain something extra, another way to get a child to engage with concepts and learning words enjoyably”

“Some of the pages and questions would work very well with one-on-one reading, like when there’s a lot of animals and information on the page when asking How many?  But there are others that bode well if you were addressing a group or a class on a topic.  It would be perfect for pets where the book not only encourages children to identify animals but to also come up with names for them.”

“The use of repetition in the book is great, as our the opportunities it gives children to learn about practising alliteration and rhyming words.”

So that’s what we made of Dear Zoo Spin and Say and we have three copies of it to giveaway.

To be in with a chance to win a copy, simply leave a comment telling us what animal you think would make the perfect pet?  Don’t worry, we won’t be sending you one with the book!

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271 thoughts on “Win!!! A New Children’s Book: Dear Zoo Spin and Say by Rod Campbell

  1. Avatar Nicola Gallagher says:

    I would love a pot belly pig but my husband won’t let me get one 🙁

  2. Avatar elizabeth wragg says:

    a rabbit,as very cuddly and no mess indoors!!

  3. Avatar Vicki Macdonald says:

    a dog, i have one now &* she’s perfect 🙂

  4. Avatar Jane McColl says:

    we have always wanted a Wombat because they are so cute and cuddly and funny looking

  5. Avatar jodie harvey says:

    penguin, son loves penguins and wants one as a pet after watching mr poppers penguins, sadly i dont fancy living in the north pole so he will have to make do with the cat 🙂 x

  6. Avatar Yasan Spalding says:


  7. Avatar Gemma Matthews says:

    I think a giraffe would make the perfect pet as I’m short so would be useful to have some help with a bit of height lol x

  8. Avatar MJ says:

    I have always wanted a hedgehog. 🙂

  9. Avatar Yakeishah Spalding says:

    My daughter says a Kangaroo?!!!

  10. Avatar Alexandra Byford-Scott says:

    A pig!

  11. Avatar Lynsey D says:

    I’ve just asked my eldest and he said an elephant so we can ride him to school in the morning!

  12. Avatar Jenna Keller says:

    A micro pig, so cute and always wanted one! X

  13. Avatar hayley pemberton says:

    a monkey. he could help me hang my washing out

  14. Avatar Tanya Cameron says:

    My daughter would pick a giraffe as she loves them!
    Pros – they are quiet and they will keep your tree branches pruned, can be easily fitted with helmet cams for security!
    Cons – it would be expensive to keep with having to buy high fences and the clean up wouldn’t be nice
    …so we have a goldfish! – ideal pet! lol

  15. Avatar stacey hutchins says:

    my son fave animal is ducks he loves them so much he always going quack and he loves elephant too he loves all animals he always making the noises to every animal xxx

  16. I think a Parrott would be the perfect pet as he/she could keep the kiddies amused for hours repeating everything they say! 🙂

  17. Avatar Sarah Yewman says:

    I’d love chickens, so I could eat fresh eggs for my dinner.

  18. we have a much loved family dog but id really love a chinchilla they have beautiful faces and their coats are so soft and cuddly

  19. Avatar Lucy says:

    A kitten, my daughter would love a "kitty"

  20. Avatar Michelle Bruce says:

    A woof woof (dog) according to my little boy!

  21. Avatar michelle reidy says:

    a sloth, cute, interesting and easy to look after.

  22. I believe it would be a dog

  23. Avatar ANN NESBITT says:

    Aw i would love a little cheeky monkey, so much fun and so loveable!

  24. Avatar Alex Thie says:

    A parrot – so they can join in with the ‘spin and say’ reading x

  25. Avatar Jen Russon says:

    A cute Meerkat! They are just the cutest, and would house guard 😀

  26. Id love an elephant!!! Just cuz!!!

  27. Avatar Laura says:

    The perfect pet has to be a dog, they build very loving, protecting and caring friendships towards their owners, some dogs are also trained to help the blind which is an amazing talent! There are many other pets but I believe a dog is the perfect companion in life for anyone 🙂

  28. an elephant………….. they never forget, so wouldn’t get lost if they slip their lead on your daily walks…………….

  29. Avatar Vicki Bayliss says:

    I’d love a penguin or lion car or dog my lil girl favourites at the moment many thanks

  30. Avatar jessica newman says:

    cats are loving and lovely to have around

  31. Avatar ann mcneil says:

    I love reading to my toddler and would love to add these to my collection

  32. a baby duck
    because I get asked everyday to find and visit them and if they were at home this would cut out alot of finding and visiting time!

  33. Avatar emma speers says:

    An elephant – now ok I wouldnt be able to keep it indoors, but with a huge garden he could stay out there, he’d be a great security guard (I mean who would want to think about breaking in with an elephant at the door), the kids could ride him to school, and I love elephants and collect ornaments but lets be honest, having a real one for the collection would be pretty impressive! (and he could eat all the half eaten apples the kids throw around the garden)

  34. Avatar REBECCA TOWNSEND says:

    A squirrel – he can eat all my nutty based chocolate!

  35. Avatar Rebecca Funnell says:

    It’s got to be a dog xx

  36. Avatar Sally Millard says:

    My daughter adores pandas so that would be the ideal. Just have to adopt one x

  37. Avatar Vicky Varley says:

    I already have the perfect pet well actually I have 2 of them, my beautiful chocolate labradors

  38. Avatar Diane Wareing says:

    I’d love a cute funky monkey as a pet 🙂

  39. Avatar Lynsey Buchanan says:

    a dog they are the most loyal friend you can have

  40. Avatar kellie law says:

    I have a cat and a kitten..mummy Bonnie and baby Tabitha 🙂

  41. Avatar Cheryl Brown says:

    A pink flamingo would be something different, as long as it would get on with the cats!

  42. Avatar Samantha Fernley says:

    Nothing could be more perfect than a dog.

  43. Avatar anna says:

    a lovely fluffy rabbit

  44. Avatar Kate Williamson says:

    We have a tortoise, she’s fab, doesn’t eat much, mooches round the garden and you never hear a word, she’s 34 years old now

  45. Avatar lindsay chadburn says:

    pig, ive always loved pigs, rolling about in dirt eating all day and just chilling out, that would be fab!!!

  46. Avatar Ru Shu says:

    A Giraffe.
    They have strong hearts

  47. Avatar Jenette ogborn says:

    I think a perfect pet would be my dogs because they are mine 🙂

  48. Avatar Amanda Olley says:

    I’d love a monkey as a pet

  49. Avatar Rhoda McDonald says:

    The perfect pet is a dog. Always there for cuddles and very loyal.

  50. Avatar Leanne Newsome says:

    A dolphin

  51. Avatar Katie Walters says:

    A tortoise, they are lovely, do laid back and chilled

  52. Avatar Gitte says:

    a lovely dog, but i got not enough time 🙁

  53. A teacup pig, they so cute!

  54. Avatar jenny newby says:

    If i could i would have a farm, as that’s not too likely I’ll go with a Shetland pony 🙂

  55. Avatar Paula Hopkinson says:

    A lion, Big enough to carry the children to school, scary enough to keep them safe and his nice snuggly mane is bushy enough to cuddle up to.

  56. Avatar Hayley Moore says:

    A rabbit, we have two that live in our house and they are great fun and so child friendly!

  57. Avatar Ruth Rennie says:

    My kids would love a pet squirrel as they are so cute 🙂

  58. Avatar Kirsteen Mackay says:

    A monkey

  59. Avatar Brooke Ritchie says:

    Koala Bear – So cute & the perfect karma to any home

  60. Dogs are the perfect pet.

  61. Avatar Kirsten Barthy says:

    a dog – loyal and fun to play with

  62. Avatar San says:

    We love our cat and our rabbit and our mini pig – they are all perfect and cute and our kids love them – they are really the right pets for us

  63. Avatar Katriona Murphy says:

    A fish, not a lot of work involved 🙂

  64. Avatar RITU TEWARI says:

    A Dog would make a perfect pet! I had one as a child and hope my LIttle daughter has one for herself, someday!

  65. Avatar Julia says:

    A chicken so we can get fresh eggs everyday and my son can have fun chasing them around !

  66. Avatar Jessica Webb says:

    My 3 year old son would love a pet monkey. To be honest I have 2 very young children and a husband do I should imagine a monkey would fit perfectly in to our life’s…. Out lifestyle won’t need much readjustment!

  67. Goldfish… Nice and simple lol!

  68. Avatar Andrea Morton says:

    Cats are lovely and fairly easy to look after, we have two. Apart from that, I wouldn’t mind having, a monkey, chinchilla, tortoise or pig as a pet.

  69. Avatar sam ransom says:

    gold fish make the perfect pet, easy to maintain, don’t need to take them for a walk, they don’t take up much space, and can be very calming to watch.

  70. Avatar Anna Helm says:

    A Dog 🙂 They are such loyal companions & they teach my four boys so much about how to care for and love animals.

  71. Avatar hannah welsh says:

    A unicorn! Great for a child with a vivid Imagination!

  72. Avatar tina edwards says:

    i think a meerkat would make a fab pet they are so entertaining

  73. Avatar Lucy Tyler says:

    A monkey as it would fit right in with my two other little monkeys, may encourage them to eat lots of fruit/vegetables and would be plenty of fun to have around!

  74. Avatar Rebecca coddington says:

    I have always wanted a tortoise, they look so cute.

  75. Avatar Susan Nemeti says:

    I think the perfect pet is a dog!

  76. Avatar June Gaynor says:

    A dog; they are so loyal and loving.

  77. Avatar Jo welsh says:

    A Sloath because it would be asleep all the time.

  78. Avatar Linda Street says:

    A Tiger, they are such beautiful, huge creatures, and such a shame their numbers are dropping so quickly.

  79. Avatar Amy Bull says:

    Just like the book says a puppy is the best pet as they give unconditional love to those that take care of them, I would be lost without my chic lab Tilly muffin xxxxx

  80. Avatar karen cowley says:

    Rabbits, they are just so cute, xx

  81. Avatar Tracy Newton says:

    A talking parrot

  82. Avatar Tracy Newton says:

    A talking parrot.

  83. Avatar Stephanie Tsang says:

    A panda bear because they’re so cute!

  84. Avatar Maxine Goodfellow says:

    I would love a pigmy goat.

  85. Avatar Jill Webb says:

    A dog there great and loyal companions

  86. Avatar Sarah Turner says:

    A cat…so much love to give.x

  87. Avatar Claire says:

    We LOVE birds in this house, and my two and a half year old loves penguins in particular. So, i’d have to say penguins 🙂

    (on a separate note, we have the pink version of that Mr. Men buss library. My mother sent the entire library of Little Miss books from england to my stepdaughter here in the USA a few years back!)

  88. Avatar kristin m. says:

    My boys would say a Madagascar Lemur. They are fascinated with them at our zoo.

  89. Avatar Sara Swauger says:

    Fish! Super easy, quiet and they don’t eat a lot!

  90. Avatar Sara Swauger says:

    Fish! Super easy, quiet and they don’t eat a lot!

  91. Avatar Charlotte Hoskins says:

    A cat – mine just ignore my little one even when she has been crying for ages! 🙂

  92. Avatar Elle says:

    My son would like to have a seal so they can have a bath together!!

  93. Avatar Susan Nisar says:

    A sloth…easy to please and it would never wonder off!

  94. Avatar adeela hussain says:

    a cockrell, so it could be my alarm in the morning.

  95. Avatar Shirley Giles says:

    A dog, man’s best friend, and they keep you fit too with all those walkies!

  96. A Dog, it’s man’s best friend and keeps you fit with all those walkies

  97. Avatar Mel Daniels says:

    A duck – perfect for rainy days like today!

  98. Avatar Bev Stidston says:

    I just love ELEPHANTS!

  99. Avatar VAL GARDINER says:

    A cat they more or less look after them selves just need feeding.

  100. Avatar Brie Hernandez says:

    We’d love a hippo -if it was a nice one 😀

  101. Avatar Laura Silver says:

    I think a meerkat would be a perfect pet. I would get all the best deals with my car insurance and rent his advice to my friends for a bit of extra cash 🙂

  102. Avatar Clair Dukes says:

    What a lovely collection. Dear Zoo is a wonderful story which allows the child to get involved with the book, I love the new collection.

  103. Avatar Sarah Bavington-Smith says:

    I’m split. I love dogs, my rottie x staff is the best little girl anyone could ask for – friendly, well behaved, amazing with the kids and loves cuddles. But I also miss having my horse. There’s nothing more thrilling and relaxing at the same time than galloping through the fields at one with your steed.
    My daughter wants another puppy, so maybe I should go with her choice 😉

  104. Avatar S says:

    No pets are perfect, they all need the proper care and attention. Most animals should be left in the wild, we humans are ruining species by domesticating them. It’s fine to protect animals but do less harm to their environment, let them live as they should. How would you like being stuck in a cage all day? For example, hamsters in the wild roam up to 10 miles at night, their burrows are up to ten metres deep and they are not sociable creatures. Yes they are cute to look at and may seem happy but they are bred in captivity to be given to small children who then wonder why they get bitten. Please consider carefully before buying pets.

  105. Avatar leah wall says:

    not too creative – but I’m going to go with dog. Thanks for the giveaway!

  106. Avatar TRACEY REDFERN-JONES says:

    A Meerkat, there funny little ways are a huge source of amusement, they are cute, full of their own little form of charisma and small enough not to take over the house

  107. Avatar Sharne Stiggants says:

    My 3 year old said he would love to have a donkey as a pet as it would remind him of the beach on holiday x

  108. Avatar Diane Whale says:

    I love cats – always had them as pets since I was a young child

  109. Avatar diana mathews says:

    I think the perfect pet is a puppy

  110. Avatar Emma says:

    A Tassie Devil.

  111. Avatar Kristy says:

    Hmmm….the perfect pet….one that can clean it’s own litter box! 😉 We do love our cats and our dog and our fish very much even if they don’t do that though.

  112. Avatar Emma says:

    A Tassie Devil

  113. Avatar Mari Lewis says:

    There is no more perfect pet than a dog for a child to grow up with. They are protectors, friends and companions. But our next pet will also be a goat for the yard!

  114. Avatar Marie says:

    I believe a cat who lives outdoors is a perfect pet,he will hunt for his meals around the farm and do his business in the forest, then come when we call him to have fun and be entertained!

  115. Avatar carole says:

    Guinea Pig!

  116. Avatar Amy Bentley says:

    A dog because we have one and he is the best 🙂

  117. Avatar caroline Chalk says:

    a little sweet puppy what could be cuter, until it grows up that is

  118. Avatar sarah clegg says:

    a dog 🙂

  119. Avatar silvia zimbone says:

    I love rabbit!!!

  120. Avatar becca staples says:

    gotta love a house rabbit

  121. Avatar ADELE BAXTER says:

    Oh wow this is my favourite book from my childhood and I would love to share it with my own children!

    I think a Goldfish is an ideal pet as it is easy to look after, entertaining to watch, but also a good way of introducing responsibility into a child’s life, by having them to ‘look after it,’ feeding it each day etc.

  122. Avatar portlandbelle jay says:

    I would love a chinchilla x

  123. Avatar julie baxter says:

    would love a monkey 🙂

  124. Avatar anthony harrington says:

    I love all animals and have always had dogs and cats as pets, so for something totally different (if not slightly impractical!) I would say and elephant! I have always longed to feed an elephant, so if i had one as a pet I could make my dream come true!

  125. Avatar Allie says:

    Anyone that goes outside to poop and don’t make a mess inside

  126. Avatar Robin Carter says:


  127. Avatar linda jefferson says:

    well we have a cat , and my daughter as 5 chickens and 2 Labradors as we are all animal lovers , my granddaughter keeps asking if she can have a baby lamb after going to the farm and feeding one with a bottle , bless her xx

  128. Avatar Caroline Mortimer says:

    I think a sausage dog would make the perfect pet! Always wanted one 🙂

  129. Avatar Claire Butler says:

    fish are great as you always knwo where they going to be

  130. Avatar shazza andrews says:

    I would quite like a pet sloth so we could hang out together (sleep) ahhhhhh

  131. Avatar Danielle Papsis says:

    An alpaca- cute, soft, and compact size.

  132. Avatar Jamie LB says:

    I would love a couple of goats or a miniature pot belly pig!

  133. Avatar Shirisha Prodduturi says:

    My daughter loves Dogs….

  134. Avatar lynn neal says:

    i think a mouse would make the perfect pet as it would not take up much space and it only eats a small amount!

  135. Avatar Carly says:

    I asked my twins and they said a pet Monkey!

  136. Avatar Debra G says:

    I think an outdoor cat and a fish in the house would make great pets.

  137. Avatar lisa young says:

    A Giraffe, because they are simply the most beautiful animal. my little girl 2years old loves them so much her rooms got teddies clothes books and even giraffe wall art. not enough giraffe items out there! if she could have any pet I know she would have a giraffe as she cried when she wasn’t aloud to take one home from the zoo.

  138. Avatar lisa young says:

    a giraffe. my two year old loves them so much. she cried when she wasn’t aloud to take one home from the zoo. she has wall art clothes teddies and book all giraffe, if we could have any pet it would have to be a giraffe they are beautiful animal.

  139. Avatar angelia medlin says:

    I think a dog makes a perfect pet. They are a great companion and loyal. Plus they are fun to play ball with and do other outdoor things.

  140. Avatar susan alison says:

    i would love to have a panda as a pet – in my dreams hey!

  141. Avatar sarah martin says:

    My son says he would love a penguin as they are his favourite animal.

  142. Avatar Sarah L Punter says:

    meerkat they are cute

  143. Avatar JoBETH says:

    I like fish they are cool

  144. Avatar Pier Juneau says:

    I would love a pet monkey lol

  145. Avatar Tracy C says:

    Our budgie is a pretty perfect pet but thinking a bit out of the box a zebra would be good, the benefits of a horse but a bit different than normal.

  146. Avatar Bryony Braschi says:

    We have a cat but I think a meerkat would be a great pet – so cute!

  147. Avatar Caroline Smith says:

    We have a chinchilla and he is great, the kids love him and he loves the kids, he has them trained to give him raisins!

  148. Avatar lauren says:

    A zebra,because they look amazing!

  149. Avatar Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    A parrot, especially if it learned to speak!

  150. Avatar adrian price says:

    has to be dog!

  151. Avatar Allan Mortimer says:

    Goldfish are the perfect pet, they are easy to look after, don’t need walking and are nice and quiet!

  152. Avatar Catherine McAlinden says:

    I would love a pet Killer Whale, but I don’t think my garden is big enough for a pool!

  153. a lion would make the perfect pet as they are gorgeous and cuddly shame there not as tame as a small cat lol

  154. Avatar mary carroll says:

    wow I have a hubby …some days he makes more mess then a elephant…..liked lovedddd shareddddd

  155. Avatar sandra shaheen says:

    A chicken as you can use the eggs it lays.

  156. Avatar Julie Jenkins Jessup says:

    A monkey as we could have loads of fun and cuddles together

  157. Avatar Emma Jenkinson says:

    id love a lamb to come eat the grass in our garden and save us a job cutting it!!

  158. Avatar Hazel Markland says:

    A lemur would be fun x

  159. Avatar Elizabeth Rushton says:

    Ever since I was a little girl I wanted an Orka as a pet. But on a more likely dream a house pig would be a great pet. Xx

  160. Avatar Jodi says:

    Call me boring, but I really just want a dog. Or fish. i love fish!

  161. Avatar Laura says:

    Hmm…what is the least maintenance pet out there? That is what I would want! We already feel like we live in a zoo sometimes with how our kiddos act. 😉

  162. Avatar Shannon F says:

    I love Rabbits and I think they truly make the perfect pet!

  163. Avatar lubnaa says:

    A goldfish – so calming watching them

  164. Avatar lubnaa says:

    A goldfish – so calming watching them

  165. Avatar Jeff says:

    I would like a new dog

  166. Avatar Shelley Jessup says:

    I would like a little piggy & I have looked into it but you have to get a pig farmers license so that idea is out the window!

  167. Avatar Cassandra Eastman says:

    I think a monkey would be a great pet because they are smart, and adorable!

  168. Avatar Ruth Haveland says:

    Our cat is the ideal pet, she’s prodded and poked, her fur and whiskers are pulled, but she doesn’t mind, she nuzzles up to our toddler for more 🙂

  169. Avatar Linda Guest says:

    My perfect pet would be a micro pig. Cute and friendly and really small and easy to take care of.

  170. Avatar claire gray says:

    an elephant because it never forgets and i always do loool

  171. Avatar Hayley Todd says:

    The perfect pet has got to be a guinea pig – they are so calm, placid and cute, that they are perfect for children!

  172. Avatar Shirley kerr says:

    A chimpanzee . Very clever and adorable 🙂

  173. Avatar Zoey Deacon says:

    A monkey, I think they would make a great pet

  174. Avatar Ellen Blake says:

    An elephant, they’re so loyal. Just a bit big!

  175. Avatar Jenny Matthews Lyons says:

    Personally i would love an Owl but My daughter says a Zonkey( half zebra half Donkey) we recently seen an article about one and she thinks they are just amazing as her dad would always say to her what do you get if you cross an elephant with a rhino, an Elephino. So now she has a very real comeback of her own what do you get if you cross a zebra with a donkey- Zonkey

  176. Avatar sue carroll says:

    I like the ideas of lemurs, they look like they’d cuddle up beside you on an evening while you watch tv (don’t spoil my beliefs by telling me they are violent offenders 😉 )

  177. Avatar Marie P says:

    I would love a leopard – i had heard that if they clamber into the washing machine, they can come out ‘spotless’!!

  178. Avatar Kat Fensom says:

    I have always wanted a monkey. I am sure my daughter would love it too 🙂

  179. Avatar Linda McGarrigle says:

    since i was little i always wanted one of those little Squirrel Monkeys they are so playful and cute xoxox

  180. Avatar Donna Morgan says:

    A money because i think there so cute and i would dress it up in cute outfits <3

  181. Avatar abby carroll says:

    ive always wanted a pig lol just think they so cute but would have no where to put it

  182. Avatar Michelle Jane Peace says:

    Perfect pet is a dog. Ours is like a cuddly bear and a bodyguard for our daughter all in one. They are best friends 🙂

  183. A Flamingo !
    Perfect kitsch Miami style pet for a 300 year old house in Ireland 😉

  184. A flamingo, for a bit of Miami kitsch to contrast with our 300 year old house in Ireland!

  185. Avatar maria molly taylor says:

    a golden goose 🙂

  186. Avatar kim mayhead says:

    A dolphin, kept in the paddling pool

  187. Avatar Malki b says:

    I wud love a monkey!

  188. Avatar malki b says:

    i would love a monkey!

  189. Avatar christy beckett says:

    Giraffe, it can reach up high where I cant x

  190. Avatar laura miller says:

    giraff’s due to me being small and giraffs r huge and can see far far away

  191. Avatar Irfana Raza says:

    I would love a Horse or Giraffe, if I can afford 😉 … My little one definitely would love a little Rabbit …they are actually so cute & adorable 🙂 xx

  192. Avatar Anna Thomas says:

    A kitten. We have tried guinea pigs, hamsters and stick insects and the feline variety can’t be beaten!

  193. Avatar claire wilkinson says:

    a monkey – oooo i have two already lol

  194. Avatar Irfana Raza says:

    I would love a fishes and horses( if I can afford one )…my little one just turned 2 and already in love with animals and nature..I am sure he would love little rabbit…cute & adorable…:) x

  195. Avatar Malkie G says:

    A monkey, they are so human like and funny.

  196. Avatar Sharon Hingley says:

    A rabbit, they love a cuddle , are easy to look after and are just so cute 🙂

  197. Avatar sharon smith says:

    my cockatiels are my little companions,best pets ever

  198. Avatar Alison Cairns says:

    My teenage daughter thinks a micro pig would make the perfect pet – unfortunately she’s not getting the chance to find out. Our gorgeous perfect pet cat, Millie and the two bearded dragons, Bob and Phyllis will have to do.

  199. Avatar Amreen akhtar says:

    A elephant would be the perfect pet as very hard to miss , and very rare for anyone to keep, also a good ride for the little one :P,

  200. Avatar sofia ramos says:

    a dog – great companion and playful with kids

  201. Avatar Hazel Markland says:

    An Elephant because they are beautiful and clever……may need a bigger house though lol x

  202. Avatar Laura Pyper says:

    a goldfish easy to look after and wont run away 😉

  203. Avatar gary clabburn says:

    The perfect pet for me is a cuddly panda bear to snuggle up to on the cold winter nights that are ahead of us. x

  204. Avatar Alice says:

    A cat! but my daughter would certainly say a panda!

  205. Avatar Natassia Boyd says:

    I would love an owl…they are such beautiful animals to look at!

  206. Avatar Lindsay Gemmill says:

    Otter – as in Ring of Bright Water!

  207. Avatar ken ambat says:

    tropical fish to bring calm to any room

  208. Avatar Kerry Weaving says:

    I would have to say an elephant as it would make my little girl very happy. She calls elephants stomp stomps and loves them.

  209. Avatar K Weaving says:

    I would have to say an elephant, it would make my little girl very happy. She calls them stomp stomps and loves them.

  210. Avatar K Weaving says:

    I would have to say an elephant, it would make my little girl very happy. She calls them stomp stomps and loves them.

  211. Avatar Holly Caulfield says:

    I would love to have a parrot!

  212. Avatar K Weaving says:

    I would have to say and elephant as it would make my daughter very happy. She calls them stomp stomps and loves them.

  213. Avatar sandra smith says:

    A pot bellied pig. Awesome pet. 😀

  214. Avatar Clare Corr says:

    A spider because they’re absolutely great. .. they’ve got more legs than anyone cos they’ve got eight!

  215. Avatar adrian price says:


  216. Avatar Kim Lambert says:

    A cat. Because they are awesome! 😀

  217. Avatar Laura Williams says:

    A Pine Marten because they’re adorable 🙂

  218. Avatar Emma r says:

    My daughter would love a lion or a dinosaur apparently they both make the same noise 🙂
    Me – a pet stone the ideal pet no mess no vets bills no food bills

  219. Avatar graham nichols says:

    My daughter thinks a giraffe,i did explain that there very tall but she insisted that it would be good for trimming the trees and hedges!

  220. Avatar D J FREEMAN says:

    A parrot…instead of talking to myself i can have a chat with him! ha

  221. Avatar jemma webster says:

    A monkey – it would keep my current little monkey good company and stop him from climbing all over poor Mummy!!!

  222. Avatar Clare Jones says:

    The perfect pet is a worm! They are small and useful! (Plus they don’t bite) lol

  223. Avatar Laura Bond says:

    An elephant as it would help me never forget. Xxx we have two pussy cats and a fish thY we love very much but we can be forgetful. X 😉 xxx

  224. Avatar Helen C says:

    A Husky 🙂

  225. Avatar Helen says:

    A parrot! I already have a 2 year old talking one *son) so a real one would add to the fun factory

  226. Avatar Angela W says:

    A puppy dog

  227. Avatar Victoria Veninga says:

    A bright yellow fluffy chick – perfect for keeping your hands warm and easy to spot on a dark evening

  228. Avatar Katrina La Rose says:

    I had a miniature Julianna/pot belly pig named Piggie Smalls, The Notorious P.I.G. He was the best pet ever! More complicated to train and own than a dog (common misconception), but filled my childless days! Once I got pregnant and realized I wouldn’t have the time to dedicate to his constant training anymore I found him a home on a pig rescue farm owned and operated by a pig vet. He became their mascot and got to sleep in the house with their two small dogs! I get updates and pictures periodically… That is one animal I would totally love to own again. I’ve often dreamed of having a farm with miniature animals- lol!

  229. Avatar Lorraine says:

    Cats definitely make the best pets!

  230. Avatar marina frow says:

    Cats of course, loyal, easy maintenance and a purr is the most relaxing noise on earth!

  231. Avatar Summer mobley says:

    My daughter would love to have an alligator for a pet. We might have to have all its teeth pulled first though.

  232. Avatar Katrina La Rose says:

    I had a miniature Julianna/pot belly pig named Piggie Smalls, The Notorious P.I.G. He was the best pet ever! More complicated to train and own than a dog (common misconception), but filled my childless days! Once I got pregnant and realized I wouldn’t have the time to dedicate to his constant training anymore I found him a home on a pig rescue farm owned and operated by a pig vet. He became their mascot and got to sleep in the house with their two small dogs! I get updates and pictures periodically… That is one animal I would totally love to own again. I’ve often dreamed of having a farm with miniature animals- lol!

  233. Avatar Jessica L says:

    I’ve always wanted a Guinea Pig – they are so cute. Might have to get one "for the kids".

  234. Avatar Amie says:

    The perfect pet for us would be a monkey as it would get on so well with a the cheeky children we have at our house 🙂 thanks for the giveaway.

  235. Avatar Hazel Hulson says:

    Love giraffes for their grace and beauty, but need plenty of space and high ceilings x

  236. Avatar Tiffiny Acquin says:

    A monkey they are so stinkin cute.

  237. Avatar Kathryn S says:

    According to my brother….a koala bear!! He pranked us with some sort of app and the caller said we would have a koala bear delivered to our house! Thought it was some weirdo calling!

  238. Avatar alan forrest says:

    llamas are so cute

  239. I would love to have a pet monkey, but until that day happens I have my own three little monkeys to look after : )

  240. Avatar Kat Emerick says:

    we love dogs!

  241. Avatar Jenna says:

    A cat! We just adopted one for my daughter and he’s perfect!!

  242. Avatar Paula Harvey says:

    A Goldfish!! They are pretty easy to look after – dont have to take them for walks in the rain/hail/snow and there’s not a poopascoop in sight!! 🙂

  243. Avatar Stephanie says:

    i think a meerkat would make a cute pet.

  244. Avatar elizabeth miller says:

    I would have to say a monkey would be the perfect pet. They are so human like and the movie monkey business made me want one years and years ago.

  245. Avatar Kirsten Barthy says:

    a Koala AS they are so gute and cuddly

  246. Avatar Caroline Jones says:

    I’d like a phoenix.

  247. Avatar Marcia Pedro says:

    A little white poodle, my three sons have been asking for a
    Puppy for years… We are finally moving to a bigger house with a garden and I can’t say no now….


  248. Avatar Julie Boccara says:

    I would have a monkey ,they are fantastic <3

  249. Avatar janine santana says:

    i would love a husky dog they are gorgeous 🙂

  250. Avatar sharon smith says:

    my Cockatiels are my little companions,i think they are wonderful pets

  251. I’d love a hippo – not the most practical of pets of course 😉

  252. Avatar Ani Costa says:

    I think elephants would make the perfect pets..they can give you a lift to wherever&back!

  253. Avatar Kirsty tower says:

    A monkey! They are amazing to watch and so clever! My boys are climbers, it would fit in well!!

  254. Avatar rivig says:

    I think best pet is a teddy bear. AlWays ready to play what ever game you want when you want. Excellent for picnics and tea parties. Easily cleaned they get mucky. And can be anything that child wants. Cuddly friendly and never days No.

  255. Avatar shelley says:

    we have a cat but my son thinks the perfect pet would be a dog as you can run around in the park with them and that way he would have someone to play with when there aren’t any other kids about

  256. Avatar Tanja Hellebrandt says:

    The best pet ever was my little rabbit Hardy. And if my little daughter becomes a bit older we will have a little rabbit again :-)!!!

  257. Avatar Linz Wileman says:

    I’d like a monkey as they’ve got the right mix of cuteness and cheekiness. There’s already 4 little monkeys in my house so one more wont make much difference 🙂

  258. Avatar D J FREEMAN says:

    A Gorilla….i love them..i could teach him to do the dishes and the ironing!!

  259. Avatar Addison Kat says:

    We love our dogs! Although I think a sloth would be kind of neat

  260. Avatar Jemma Steel says:

    I think my 3 year old would choose a spider or snake if he had his way! I think I’ll stick with my dog.

  261. Avatar Jane Adams says:

    A poodle. He would be ‘pawfect’ an I wouldn’t send him back.

  262. Avatar Katherine De Riera says:

    A monkey 🙂 because they are so cheeky!

  263. Avatar stacy Gibson says:

    Definitely a Hippo! my daughter 2 years old is fascinated by them, she loves having baths as well so they could splash around together and there big and cuddly so they could fall asleep together at bedtime.

  264. Hmmm… I think a long-neck dinosaur would be pretty fun. My son has been on a Land Before Time kick lately, so I know he’d think Little Foot would make the perfect pet! lol 😉

  265. Avatar Dani says:

    I would love a micro pig

  266. Avatar Becca hughes says:

    A miniature pony would be so cute, my 3 year old grand daughter would be the perfect size to ride one and would prefer it to her pushchair!

  267. Avatar emily says:

    i would like a little white fluffy kitten, but my mummy is allergic to cats and dogs

  268. Avatar Anna Rowan says:

    We found a cute little echidna in our back yard today and both kids and ourselves wanted the only thing – to keep it!:) What a cute pet it would have been:)

  269. Avatar sarah mortimore says:

    i thibk an orangatang as they have wicked personalities and would keep you entertained for hours brill.xx

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