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Win a children’s book!!! Boycraft by Sara Duchars & Sarah Marks

WIN!!!  A wonderful addition to your kid’s bookcase with this Tidy Book’s book review and competition post. You can win your child a copy of Boycraft, load of things to make for and with boys (and girls).  We have three brand spanking new copies to giveaway!!!


In 2005 Sara Duchars and Sarah Marks founded Buttonbag.  Their dream was to breath new and innovative life into old crafts, updating them in an exciting and contemporary way.  Starting from a relatively humble stall at London’s Greenwich market their craft kits are carried by over 500 stockists across the UK.

Their first book, ReCraft, was launched in 2012 earning rave reviews and selling over 11,000 copies.

Boycraft is chocked full of projects, 50 to be precise, for both boys and girls to try.  Craft ideas range from Papier Mache Landscapes and Water Bombs to Bug Hotels and Jumper Monsters.

Whether your child likes sewing, cutting, sticking, glueing, sawing or hammering, there is something for them.

Boycraft is published by Frances Lincoln on the 6th of March 2014 and will retail for £12.99.

We have three copies of it to give away.

It’s easy to enter! To win a copy, tell us your favourite craft creation by leaving a comment and liking the Tidy Books Facebook page on our app below.  If you’d like to have a greater chance of winning, earn extra entries by using the app by joining our Newsletter, following us on Pinterest or Tweeting about the giveaway and other extra entry options.

But before you give yourself a great chance of winning a copy of the book have a read of what we made of Boycraft.


As the parent of a 9 year-old boy I suppose I am prime target audience for Boycraft, billed as ‘at last a craft book with no pink frilly bits…..’

Whilst traditional I can get a little tetchy about things being deemed to be for boys or for girls.  Right from play groups and the pre-nursery time I can recall encouraging (and certainly not discouraging) my boy from engaging with things perhaps considered by others to be ‘girly’.  I distinctly remember dancing around a drafty church hall waving a pink chiffon scarf above my head.

Point is I found my son has always enjoyed making things, and expressing himself, but in recent years I don’t recall him ever being  bought a craft set.  Think I bought him a make your own bouncy ball set, and he’s had science kits, but nothing like Boycraft.

The ideas in Boycraft are incredibly varied, and grade from things I could almost leave him to do himself, to others where I would be very much working in a hands-on capacity.  He has lots of old comics that often end up in our recycling bin (when he’s not looking) which with the help of Boycraft, will now sometimes be turned into paper chains!

There’s fun stuff to make, but there are also some fun-yet-practical ideas.  My favourite of those is the play mat bag.  You make a bag that folds out to act as a play mat, then when you’re finished you scoop all the cars and toys inside it to store away neatly.  That would have been a very useful addition to our playroom over the years.

All the ideas are beautifully illustrated as well as pictured, and the step-by-step guides are really easy to follow.

Play Mat Bag


So that’s what we made of Boycraft and we have three brand new copies of the book to giveaway.

It’s easy to enter! To win a copy, tell us your favourite craft creation by leaving a comment and liking the Tidy Books Facebook page on our app below.  If you’d like to have a greater chance of winning, earn extra entries by using the app by joining our Newsletter, following us on Pinterest, Tweeting about the giveaway and other extra entry options.  Good Luck! 

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64 thoughts on “Win a children’s book!!! Boycraft by Sara Duchars & Sarah Marks

  1. Avatar Kirsty Partridge says:

    papier mache

  2. Avatar Karen Louise wright says:

    I make greeting cards & my son loves helping me, he likes using the stamps & colouring in x

  3. Avatar marion king says:

    i would love to win this xxthe books is so good for kids

  4. Avatar angela hamilton says:

    we love to make things out of egg boxes, my son is learning about recycling at nursery so every egg box is used to make something

  5. Avatar tamalyn roberts says:

    the sunflower cross stitch that i made for my sisters birthday

  6. Avatar Anne Perry says:

    Our favorite was making a paper mache glob.

  7. Avatar susan walsh says:

    gingerbread houses

  8. I love crafts out of natural materials such as sticks

  9. Avatar Jane Brown says:

    I handmake all my cards so I suppose it would have to be them. People seem to appreciate the extra care that goes into making them.

  10. Avatar Nicola Holland says:

    Pirate boats from the recycling bin rubbish 🙂

  11. Avatar Cathy Clowes says:

    My son and I love crafting together. Our favourite thing is a shark made from flower pots, chicken wire and papier mache.

  12. Avatar Carol L says:

    🙁 Too bad the FB requirement is needed to open the other entries.
    Anyway, one of my favorite craft projects was decoupaging wooden shapes and putting pictures on the wood where the edges were purposely singed. The plaques came out really nice.hanks for the chance.
    Carol L

  13. Avatar Laura F says:

    Paper Mâché is fun!

  14. Avatar MIa Dentice Carey says:

    Boo-boo bunny…what is that called-the cloth with all the legos on it-the book is opened to that page-I NEED TO MAKE ONE OF THOSE!

  15. Avatar Lesley M says:

    I love giving kids a random assortment of craft supplies and seeing what they come up with. Their imagination is amazing, especially the boys who usually do not enjoy craft time.

  16. Avatar Tiffany Schmidt says:

    We love anything with textures.

  17. Avatar sandra lane says:

    decoupage. i love to cover boxes or old tables with pretty pictures then layer with several coats of varnish.

  18. Avatar Alex Bradley says:

    Creating a hedgehog from an old broom head!

  19. Avatar martina c says:

    My Fav is the 3D Découpage, Die Cut, Step by Step or Classic

  20. Avatar Alyson Chapman says:

    We make Cards for Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, etc and sell them at a local hotel and at charity craft fairs but my favourite Craft Creation is a Scrapbook (photo album) that I made for my Gran’s 100th Birthday. I added photos from her childhood right through to her 99th birthday and left blank pages for the addition of her 100th party.

    She treasured it and was really proud of it. When she was ill towards the end of her life she brought it out most evenings to show her carer’s. It made me so happy that I took the time to make this for her.

  21. Avatar terence raymond lewis says:

    fab prize

  22. Avatar felicity smith says:

    oragami all the way

  23. Avatar gina says:

    My favorite craft creation is homemade greeting cards.

  24. We enjoy making our party decor, our holiday decor, and tons of different art projects!

  25. Avatar samantha gray says:

    sounds great for my son but what about my daughter?

  26. Avatar Tracy C says:

    I love any craft that involves recycling or upcycling. The other day we made a brilliant fish picture with foil from chocolate coins and easter eggs.

  27. Avatar Amy Tidd says:

    We are very crafty! Me and my son love anything messy so do a lot of footprint and handprint art! 🙂

  28. Avatar Joy Bardell says:

    My favorite has to be a puppet. My daughter made for Easter of a yellow chicken

  29. Avatar Spencer Broadley says:

    My eldest boy is heavily into gluing and creating things from cardboard and then painting them – eg robots (seems to be his favourite!)
    My youngest is into building things with lego (my eldest also likes this!)

  30. Avatar sarah wells says:

    Collect leaves, flower petals etc on a walk, from the park or garden. Make a picture out of them on a bookmark shaped piece of card then laminate. A lovely bookmark for their favourite book or present to give.

  31. Avatar Vicky Edwards says:

    George likes anything messy like paper mache

  32. My little man and I love crafting sessions together, stamping and colouring.

  33. Avatar Kathy Lane says:

    Making Valentine Cards with my grandkids.

  34. Avatar Tracey says:

    Making Easter hats!

  35. Avatar Amelia Pitt says:

    I’d love to win one!

  36. Avatar Sarah Cooper says:

    My painted terracotta pots

  37. Avatar Sam Goldsworthy says:

    My best craft idea is to allow the childs imagination do the crafting. Provide them with lots of different materials and tools and let them create

  38. Avatar Maxine Francis says:

    I loce collag, offering the children different textures to cut, tear, twirl and glue into any crestion they like.

  39. Avatar Andi G says:

    Snowflakes at Xmas and making family cards

  40. Avatar Malki b says:

    Love making pipe cleaner people/animals and putting giggly eyes on e erything!

  41. Avatar Heather B says:

    my youngest is still young so finger painting is about the extent of our crafting right now

  42. Avatar Mari Lewis says:

    Love making fresh flower wreaths.

  43. Avatar Janice Dean says:

    The bug hotel… my grandson’s would love it! Thanks

  44. Avatar Bryony Braschi says:

    collage, gluing and sticking

  45. Avatar Christa L. says:

    I love paper snowflakes!

  46. Avatar Mayla M says:

    In the fall I like to make leaf rubbings with my boys. We can then turn them into wrapping paper or cards.

  47. Avatar Abigail says:

    My son loves making bird feeders and bird houses with me for our yard

  48. Avatar Abigail says:

    My son and I like making bird feeders for our yard

  49. Avatar Kristie says:

    Anything my kids make are my favorite creations 🙂

  50. Avatar Lidya Y says:

    I like decoupage. A cheap and easy way to make your existing item looks chic.

  51. Avatar Kerrie says:

    We like making rockets out of old kitchen roll stuffed with rice! x

  52. Avatar Joanna vernon says:

    we made a robot out of cereal boxes and yogurt pots and my son painted it and stuck on eyes he loved it and called it Tommy

  53. Avatar Lily Snyder says:

    Pinecone bird feeders! Using a string to tie it up and a mixture of seed and peanut butter or suet to fill in the pine cone. Hang and happy bird watching!

  54. Avatar Angie Daly says:

    we love making all sorts of things – but we especially love junk craft

  55. Avatar Anna Helm says:

    My four sons & I love to do nature collages with items we collect from walks on the moors & beach x

  56. Avatar Lucy says:

    Patchworking toys and quilts from my son’s clothing! Memory making!

  57. Avatar Shona Angus says:

    You can’t beat a bit of messy hand and finger printing!! 🙂

  58. Avatar Natalie Crossan says:

    Paper mache 😀

  59. Avatar YvonneJ says:

    cardboard creations

  60. Avatar Hannah says:

    When I was a kid I made one of those blue Peter tracy islands and I think that was my best ever craft creation. However I also made cufflinks at christmas and they were pretty fab too.

  61. Avatar Brittany K. says:

    Any craft that requires popsicle sticks. Half the fun is eating the Popsicles!!

  62. Avatar Robyn Clarke says:

    Homemade wrapping paper and gift tags

  63. Avatar Kim says:

    definitely painting and glitter and glue.. outdoor/nature crafts- my boys like the messy fun creative crafts

  64. Avatar Susan Nemeti says:


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