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Win! This adorable Buttonbag sewing kit for kids!

Tidy Books have teamed up with their friends at Buttonbag to offer you the chance to win this lovely Mouse House sewing kit for your kids

Boys and girls will love to make these easy-peasy mice which come with their own mouse house.  It is a great starter sewing kit, which comes with everything your child needs to make six mice, and their cheese!

With ready-cut circles little fingers can start stitching straight away.  Add bright contrasting ears and beady little eyes and your mouse is ready to sniff out its supper. Each kit contains 18 pre-cut felt circles – enough to make six rainbow-coloured mice, and two pieces of cheese. The little box can be decorated and turned into their house, too.


Hear the squeaks of excitement in your house when you win a Buttonbag Mouse House.sewing kit for kids.

Great for kids aged 5 and up.  Winner of Junior Best Product Design Award 2012. Comes with full instructions, needles and thread, and buttons for eyes.


It’s easy to enter! To win a Buttonbag sewing kit for kids, tell us your favourite type of cheese in a comment and by liking the Tidy Books Facebook page and joining The Tidy Books and Buttonbag newsletter on our app below.  If you’d like to have a greater chance of winning, earn extra entries by using the app by joining our Newsletter, following us on Pinterest, Tweeting about the give away and other extra entry options. Good Luck!

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156 thoughts on “Win! This adorable Buttonbag sewing kit for kids!

  1. Avatar Joyce Butler says:


  2. Avatar gina says:

    My favorite cheese is Colby jack.

  3. Avatar Alona Y says:

    I like many cheeses, but one of my all time favorites is smoked gouda spread!

  4. Avatar Maria Sullivan says:

    Boursin garlic & herb

  5. Avatar Heather T says:


  6. Avatar Hester McQueen says:

    Stilton – love it!

  7. Avatar Jane English says:

    I love Lancashire Cheese, it is a white crumbly cheese with a creamy taste. Being a Lancashire girl born & bred it would have to be my favourite.

  8. Avatar Rachael Cerexhe says:

    Any cheese with apricots or cranberries in!

  9. Avatar Amelia Pitt says:

    Hard to choose – I love most cheese but mature cheddar is definitely king!

  10. Avatar Paul Scotland says:

    My favourite type of cheese is Stilton

  11. Avatar Kate Collins says:

    My favourite type of cheese is Blue Monday

  12. Avatar Kristi Brandon McDowell says:

    Cheddar is my favorite!

  13. Avatar SlayerKat says:

    Cheddar strong

  14. Avatar ribbons says:

    love danish blue cheese

  15. Avatar laura jones says:

    more like what cheese dont i like! whether its goats cheese blue cheese good old cheddar or gouda i love it!

  16. Avatar Abigail says:

    I love ALL CHEESE!!! (well except swiss) My favorite is Cotswold ~~mmmmm~~!

  17. Avatar Janice Taylor says:

    My granddaughter would love this.

  18. Avatar Joanne M. says:

    Monterey Jack cheese

  19. Avatar Aaroon Milne says:

    Love it all

  20. Avatar ashley k says:

    Mozzarella for sure!

  21. Avatar Jessica Webb says:


  22. Avatar Tiffany Schmidt says:

    Pepperjack or Colby!

  23. Avatar Martha Smith says:

    Morbiere its a smelly one and blue but I love it !

  24. Avatar Janice Dean says:

    My favorite cheese is Swiss for sandwiches Thanks

  25. Avatar Amanda Olley says:

    Edam cheese is my favourite

  26. Avatar sheelagh says:

    extra mature cheddar

  27. Avatar kim neville says:

    Cathedral City Mature Cheddar

  28. Avatar Nicola Holland says:

    Stilton – the smellier the better!

  29. Avatar Paul Smith says:


  30. Avatar Sarah Creswell says:


  31. Avatar Sally Collingwood says:

    Fab Prize!!

  32. Avatar Ruth says:

    Our favourite type of cheese is cheddar, though we also really like the holes in Swiss cheese (emmenthal)!

  33. Avatar sharon smith says:

    Stilton with apricots

  34. Avatar Katie Dann says:

    I love cheese, it is hard to choose a favourite! Love mature west country cheddar, creamy french camembert and brie, and tangy goat cheese. Think I would choose a baked camembert with cranberry sauce as my ultimate cheese indulgence 🙂

  35. Avatar melanie stirling says:

    Mature cheddar.

  36. Avatar anna says:

    What a cute kit and anything which encourages children to learn basic sewing skills as got to be good.

  37. Avatar Kelly glen says:

    You can’t beat a bit of cheddar cheese.

  38. Avatar Jo welsh says:

    I love cheddar cheese grilled – yum

  39. Avatar Tracy Nixon says:

    Crumbly Lancashire for me!

  40. Avatar Heather B says:

    I am a fan of a nice sharp cheddar

  41. Avatar Ashleigh Allan says:

    I like stilton!

  42. Avatar judy parslow says:

    stilton with cranberries

  43. Avatar kayleigh Bates says:

    Just plain old cheddar

  44. Avatar Tracey says:

    Wensleydale… but it has to be the real thing from the Hawes Creamery.

  45. Avatar Gemma Snell says:

    Feta cheese, i love it 🙂

  46. Avatar Alice Matthews says:

    What a lovely idea. These would make a great class porject too with each group in the class having their own mouse house.

  47. Avatar Zoe G says:

    Double Gloucester is my fave

  48. Avatar Susan Joyce Rogers says:

    At the moment ,my grandchildren are enjoying a Dutch cheese called Leerdammer

  49. Avatar Helen Grayson says:

    I love brie, so creamy and I could eat it all the time!

  50. Avatar Melanie McNair says:

    Has to be medium cheddar cheese

  51. Avatar Ursula Hunt says:

    Cheddar, natural and strong, not coloured

  52. Avatar christine shelley says:

    Unfortunately I am allergic to cheese but my husband favourite is brie, so cosequently I have no idea what I am buying with regards to taste!

  53. I love cheese. my favourite is halloumi, but I also like cheddar and mozzeralla

  54. Avatar Melanie McNair says:

    Not sure if you got my msg . Has to be medium cheddar

  55. Avatar Deborah Dodge says:

    Smoked Bavarian Cheese

  56. Avatar Stephanie Tsang says:

    My favourite cheese is mozzarella.

  57. Avatar Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Mature cheddar

  58. Avatar Felicity Kelly says:

    I love cheddar cheese x

  59. Avatar Christa L. says:

    Swiss cheese.

  60. Avatar Debbie Clauer says:

    My fav cheese is Muenster.

  61. Avatar mrs linda gill says:

    cheddar !

  62. Avatar Susie Wilkinson says:

    I adore cheese, my favourite is Edam at the moment, in toasties!

  63. Avatar Tammy Tudor says:

    cheddar 🙂

  64. Avatar Jackie Chapman says:


  65. Avatar Andrea Stiffe says:

    My favourite cheese is Wensleydale cheese nom, nom, nom

  66. Avatar Amy Ripley says:


  67. Avatar ALYSON CHAPMAN says:

    I don’t like ‘hard’ cheese unless it’s on top of a pizza but I adore soft cheese, especially if it has either walnuts or chilli in. Lovely!

  68. Avatar kris mcgrath says:


  69. Avatar jennifer thorpe says:


  70. Avatar Amanda Milton says:

    Extra Strong Mature Cheddar

  71. Avatar melanie stirling says:

    Extra strong cheddar is my favourite.

  72. Avatar julie laing says:


  73. Avatar evonne hodgson says:

    a good strong cheddar

  74. Avatar Keri Jones says:

    I love Mozzarella <3

  75. Avatar Joanna Vernon says:

    My favourite cheese is red Leicester

  76. Avatar Kate Bryans says:

    Mature Cheddar!

  77. Avatar gill colling says:


  78. Avatar Judy Park says:

    Love Red Leicester

  79. Avatar Mel Daniels says:

    Wensleydale, preferably with cranberries.

  80. Avatar julie swan says:

    My favourite cheese is red Cheshire. Crumbly, strong and tasty mmmmmm!!!

  81. Avatar Nasheem says:

    Lancashire cheeeeeese of course!!

  82. Avatar LESLEY BRADLEY says:

    I love all cheese!! My absolute favourite though is Garstang Blue

  83. Avatar Helen Belton says:

    Manchego 🙂

  84. Avatar michelle muirhead says:


  85. Avatar Danika Lloyd says:

    Apricot stilton

  86. Avatar Kirsty Fox says:

    A nice big chunk of cheddar cheese, mmmm!

  87. Avatar nicola james says:

    owt with cranberry in yum

  88. Avatar Paul Anthony Gallagher says:


  89. Avatar Spencer Broadley says:

    Applewood – a smoked Cheddar – yum

  90. Avatar Paula Harvey says:

    Gouda, its utterly perfect for Ham and Cheese toasties! 😀

  91. Avatar Trudi Walsh says:

    Mature Cheddar (especially on toast)

  92. Avatar Harley says:

    Halloumi cheese grilled !!

  93. Avatar Alison Clifford says:

    Love wensleydale with cranberries

  94. Avatar Catherine McAlinden says:


  95. Avatar Amy To says:


  96. Avatar elaine dale says:

    love a nice mature cheddar

  97. Avatar michelle tearall says:

    Cathedral chedder.

  98. Avatar Lisa Troccoli says:

    Mature Cheddar x

  99. Avatar Lisa Troccoli says:

    Mature Cheddar.

  100. Avatar Lisa Troccoli says:

    Mature Cheddar

  101. Avatar Kim Dewdney says:

    Impossible question as cheese is my favourite food and I have a favourite for every day of the year. If I have to choose one it’s going to be a stinky blue strong gorgonzola. My mouth is watering at the thought!

  102. Avatar Laura Tonks says:

    good old cheddar

  103. Avatar iain maciver says:

    cheddar love it

  104. Avatar BETH NEVILE says:


  105. Avatar Gabriella Smith says:

    good old cheddar

  106. Avatar BETH NEVILE says:


  107. Avatar Nicki Evans says:


  108. Avatar Carolina J. says:

    I love all of them, Manchego and Brie in particular.

  109. Avatar rebecca whale says:


  110. Avatar Helen Battle says:

    Red Leicester

  111. Avatar Amanda Alvarado says:

    I like Muenster and Mozzerella.

  112. Avatar Amanda Alvarado says:

    I like Muenster and Mozerella

  113. Avatar Claudia Rodriguez says:

    Feta cheese

  114. Avatar Carrie Talbot-Ashby says:

    Ooooh my absolute favourite has to be Wensleydale with apricot! Ohh its to die for!!! 🙂 <3 Thanks for this lovely giveaway! Love it! xxx

  115. Avatar Rachel Craig says:


  116. Avatar Heidi Cooper says:

    Applewood is my favourite cheese at the moment 🙂

  117. Avatar Gemma Clark says:

    extra mature cheddar

  118. Avatar Vivien Baird says:

    I love cheshire cheese but I find its hard to get in Newcastle

  119. Avatar Susan Menzies says:

    Blue Brie

  120. Avatar wendy procter says:

    Dutch Edam

  121. Avatar Lisa Wilkinson says:

    Brie or Camembert 🙂

  122. Avatar Kelly Hooper says:

    Feta cheese is my favourite

  123. Avatar emma falvi says:

    red leicester

  124. Avatar Kerry Locke says:

    Blue Cheese

  125. Avatar Patricia Avery says:

    Extra strong mature Cheddar is my favourite hard cheese and French Roule is my favourite soft one 🙂

  126. Avatar Katie Walters says:


  127. Avatar Kate Buckley says:

    I love Mature Cheddar Cheese 🙂

  128. Avatar susan walsh says:

    double gloucester

  129. Avatar Claire Barker says:


  130. Avatar Laura Wheatley says:


  131. Avatar Christopher Millward says:

    stilton cheese

  132. Avatar Maureen Millward says:

    Arran cheddar with raspberries – unique from the Isle of Arran.

  133. Avatar Lani Nash says:

    I love a blue brie

  134. Avatar Sheri Darby says:


  135. Avatar claire woods says:

    Good old Cheddar

  136. Avatar Erica Price says:

    Apple smoked cheddar

  137. Avatar Karen Richards says:


  138. Avatar katie irving says:

    double gloucester with chive and spring onion

  139. Avatar Kirsteen Mackay says:


  140. Avatar Samantha Atherton says:


  141. Avatar Keith Hunt says:


  142. Avatar Rena Plumridge says:


  143. Avatar Amy Jupp says:

    Brie! mmmmmm

  144. Avatar Abby Bookham says:

    Brie or a soft goats cheese

  145. Avatar Tamsin Dean says:

    I ‘m really boring and stick to mild chedder

  146. Avatar Emma Smith says:


  147. Avatar Janet Rumley says:


  148. Avatar Natalie Crossan says:

    Camembert 🙂 x

  149. Avatar SHIRLEY BUCK says:


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