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Win a brilliant activity book: Easter Hunt


Win this brilliant kid’s activity book to fill your kids bookcase with Tidy Book’s  book review and competition.

This kid’s activity book, Look and Look Again – Easter Hunt has two purposes as we head towards school holidays.  If you’re lucky enough to be traveling, this book is a fantastic way to keep kids happy in the car or plane.  If you’re vacationing at home, Easter Hunt will help keep kids busy rather than wondering why they are not going somewhere exciting.

If your kids like ‘Where’s Waldo’ or Richard Scarry, and/or making lists then this book is a must!   Easter Hunt is in a series of books called Look and Look Again from illustrator Tony Tallarico.  Kids are naturally good at spotting things, and these books from publisher Kidsbooks are great for getting them to do just that.

You can win a copy of Easter Hunt by telling us what your kids are good at spotting. To enter, leave a comment at the end.

Our review panel, aged 9 and 5 deemed this a ‘very fun book’ and were entertained from after school until dinner working on it together.   The format is simple; each page has a themed illustration bursting with the sorts of details that kids like.  There is a list with the items they need to spot and tick off, and for the pre-readers like the 5 year old, there is a picture list to tick off as each item is found.  What the kids liked was the humor in the illustrations, for example the baseball saying ‘it wasn’t an egg’ and a moose saying it needed a haircut- the sort of stuff that appeals to kids’ sense of daftness!

The illustrations progress to become busier with items harder to find as you go through the book, building up children’s patience and observational skills.  One page gets kids to hunt through raindrops to find carrots and butterflies, reminding me of optical illusion book Spot it Again by Delphine Chedru which we reviewed here.

The sheets tear out easily so you can give out a spotting project to each child, and there are removable stickers so kids can create lots of their own scenes  – see what they come up with!

So with visual jokes and a sense of fun, these Look and Look Again books are great at honing sharp eyes, and a way of encouraging reluctant readers.  

You can win a copy of Easter Hunt by telling us what your kids are good at spotting. To enter, leave a comment below.

The review and giveaway copies of Look and Look Again Easter Hunt have been kindly provided by publishers Kids Books LLC.   You can find out more about KidsBooks on their Facebook page too.   Published in 2011.

Leave your answer in the comment box below.  So we can notify the winner please confirm on our Facebook page that you have entered.  This competition is open to the US only.


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